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Containment Haunted House - 2021 Review

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Containment Haunted House

Location of Attraction: Lithia Springs, Georgia

Date of Review: 10/8/2021

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 7.5/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 5/10

Atmosphere Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 8/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 9/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 7/10

Overall Feedback: Located in Lithia Springs, Georgia is a single attraction haunt known as Containment Haunted House. These folks were our 2nd stop of the evening on night one of our Georgia Haunt Tour adventure. We arrived on site shortly after 9pm on a eerie Friday night, perfect for visiting a haunted attraction. Patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets in advance online, as they will likely sell out on busier nights and cannot guarantee entry into the haunt if attempting to purchase tickets onsite. General admission tickets range from $20-$30 depending on the evening you attend. For $40 you can purchase the “Straight to the Fear Pass” which grants you front of the line access and ensures you’ll wait no more than 15 minutes. Our squad had snagged our tickets online a few days prior to our visit, so once onsite we headed straight for the queue line entrance. A friendly fellow will redeem/retrieve your tickets and then direct you towards the queue line. There really isn’t much to speak about in the entertainment department outside of the attraction, just a few static props sprinkled about, a small merchandise booth (shirts, hoodies, group photos, etc), and a few photo-ops round out the midway offerings. We’d love to see these folks expand their midway offerings to better entertain guests while outside the attractions - midway games, activities (Escape Room, Axe Throwing, etc), movies, & food trucks are just a few ideas that would fill out the midway here quite nicely. A few roaming spooks were encountered and they did a fright-tastic job engaging with patrons, helping to amp up the crowd ahead of the experience.

As we stepped up to the front entrance of the attraction a ghostly host snapped a few group pictures, which we were then later able to purchase digital copies of said photos! We were then sent inside the attraction doors. Here we encountered our first spook of the evening, who shared with us the theme for the attraction, “The Overlords”, and reviewed the storyline which we were going to embark on. From here guests proceed forth into a 2nd queue line area. This indoor queue line was well decorated and was highlighted with a large interactive animatronic. This said animatronic had the ability to speak with guests and engage on a personal level. It was rather entertaining to see patrons stunned with fear when they realized this animatronic was talking directly to them. This was a great way to help pass time while waiting to enter the attraction. The initial wait(s) to enter the attraction were somewhat lengthy, but this was largely due to the pacing of groups entering the attraction. Small groups of around 4 patrons were being admitted every few minutes, this allowed for a more intimate experience inside the attraction and we can’t recall ever encountering another group - no congo lines here!

Containment Haunted House storyline - “The rulers of the underworld have turned to the innocent Jack'-O-Lantern to carry out their bidding. They are amassing a legion of these symbols of Halloween and preparing to invade the world of the living. The evils within Containment have joined forces and are attempting to escape their confinement within the walls of their unhallowed ground. They are awaiting your arrival to unknowingly follow you home. They will await the awakening of the orange gourds and help perform the bidding of The Overlords.”

Containment Haunted House clearly gets its name from being constructed out of massive shipping containers, a rather unique setup for a haunted attraction! From start to finish, these folks did an excellent job with their scenery and decor, we could hardly tell we were traversing through shipping containers. The imagery seemed to shoot for doom, gloom, and despair. For the most part, Containment Haunted House possesses an old-school style vibe with a slightly modern twist, as they possess minimal animatronics and special effects, and rely heavily on their scare actors to bring the scenes to life! The cast and crew encountered throughout the attraction were energized, passionate, and fully immersed into their characters! These folks engaged on an up-close and personal level, providing eerie and frightening encounters. It’s definitely an interactive adventure through the Containment Haunted House. We traversed through a variety of scenes along our journey, all of which possessed detailed set design. A bloody butcher shop and diner scene featured a crazed couple with a manic laugh - extremely creepy! A beautifully crafted yet decrepit appearing scene featured loads of candles and a lively bargainer who was seeking a soul. A spooky attic scene was cluttered with freakish dolls and several interactive spooks. Several areas possessed dark hallways dimly lit with candles, creating unnerving moments and loads of suspense! A maze constructed out of chain link fences featured heavy fog and creepy doll animatronics which made for a chilling scene. Towards the end of our journey we finally encountered the pumpkin king himself, which helped bring the storyline full circle. At times the storyline definitely got lost in translation, causing some confusion amongst our squad, but we likely read into these things (storylines) more so than the average haunt goer. To round out our journey we traversed through one final scene that possessed no shortage of blood and gore, the chop shop/slaughterhouse scene! Chainsaw-wielding maniacs delivered one final fright as guests fled the attraction in terror, just barely escaping with their limbs intact.

As you exit Containment Haunted House you’re funneled through a large tent that houses several photo-ops and the merchandise booth. We also encountered an eerie fellow, “The Reverend”, who by far was one of the most creepy and chilling scare actors we’ve ever encountered! The Reverend was standing beside his deceased wife’s casket and shared with us a rather unnerving and nightmarish story! After our engagement with The Reverend, we snagged some Containment Haunted House memorabilia and purchased our group's photo. As we congregated back in the midway our squad conversed about our experience. One thing’s for sure, we all thoroughly enjoyed the interactive and character driven nature of the attraction! Containment Haunted House does an excellent job engaging with their patrons and providing a personable experience. We’d definitely consider Containment Haunted House a suitable attraction for the entire family and recommend fellow haunt enthusiasts to pay these folks a visit. They may not be the most high-tech haunt nor the scariest, but they sure do know how to provide a spooky fun experience! These folks are wrapping up their 2021 haunt season but they’ll be back for two weekends in December (3rd, 4th, 10th, & 11th) for “A Haunted Christmas Carol”, a special Christmas themed haunted attraction experience. And for the avid haunt goers like us, Containment Haunted House will also be operating an event called “Spring Scream” during the spring of 2022. Job well done to the Containment Haunted House team for providing a frightfully fun experience, we’ll definitely visit again if we find ourselves in the Atlanta Georgia area.

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