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Horror Hall - 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

🚨👻 Our Visit To Horror Hall 👻🚨

Date: 10/22/2023

Location: Nanticoke, PA

One of our beloved FRS members, Christy, made the trip to Nanticoke, PA on a cool & windy Sunday evening to visit Horror Hall. Checkout what Christy has to say about this unique & frightfully fun haunted attraction! 🎃🖤

On our way to Massacre Mansion it was recommended that we pay visit to Horror Hall. The recommendation boasted of a “hidden gem” & “old school haunt” style vibe. We love hearing about places we have yet to explore & we’re telling you that Horror Hall did not disappoint.

Walking up to the venue we noticed a fire breather, food trucks, and spooky vendors with many different Halloween themed items such as horror cookies and killer cups. How exciting! The food even had Halloween theming, including spicy items to tantalize your taste buds either before or after your tour. It’s great to see all of the local support at this haunted attraction and it was an appealing warm up for the main event, Horror Hall.

This 20 minute walk through did what it set out to do, and that is to entertain, spook you, thrill you, and get your blood pumping. We would say it’s definitely worth the detour to check out when you are in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area. The queue to get into the haunt is one of the most creative ideas we have seen at a haunt. We appreciate the touch of old school horror movies & spooky characters walking around to entertain you while you wait for your chance to enter the Halls.

During our wait one of our members (Christy) was swooned by Mr. Pig…. He was so persuasive and romantic she almost stayed with him, but unfortunately she’s married already, LOL!

As we entered for our turn to experience the Horror Hall.. we were provided with an engaging introduction of the haunt by a lovely spooky fellow. We loved talking to him and he definitely set the tone for what was to come. He informed us that we may be given directions while we are there and strongly urged us to strictly adhere to these directions. Once we were released, at the top of the steps you get a group picture (or solo in this instance) before you are welcomed in. The excitement began the moment we stepped foot inside the Halls and that excitement remained consistent throughout the entirety of the experience. Without giving away too much, we wanted to share some of the highlights of our experience. We were eager to enter each scene as the level of engagement within each made us eager for more & more.

The morgue was very detailed and there was so much love put into this room to make it as creepy as possible. The swamp felt like a never ending maze, with creatures lurking & watching us, never knowing when something may sneak up and try to pull you in. After we made it through we were able to choose our fate, having to quickly decide which door to go through. Each having a different, terrifying adventure behind them…. Groups can possibly get split up momentarily, it’s fun to hear what happens in each hallway. You may have to crawl, duck, squeeze, or sacrifice your arm to be able to get out to the next scene. This scene was uniquely developed, we have so much fun when we get to be apart of the haunt in someway. In the asylum we were questioned and interrogated before we were free to roam. The security (or was he a patient?) was believable as he had members of the group follow specific directions as if they themselves were patients in the asylum causing havoc. Thank goodness everyone in our group was compliant because we definitely didn’t want to be stuck with this intimidating fellow for much longer!

Our favorite part of this haunt is that we never felt rushed along our venture, allowing us to feel fully immersed into the experience. The spacing between groups was perfect, never allowing you to encounter another group & leaving plenty enough time to take in every last detail! This uniquely crafted haunt was truly creepy & gave us chills several times!

Horror Hall donned many surprises during our tour, many of which were a mixture of practical effects, classical scares/ tricks, theatrical performances by the cast and an endlessly interactive nature that had us continuously wondering what will come next.

We always appreciate a haunts ability to deliver scares with minimal animatronics & special effects. Sometimes just an ole classic actor driven pop scare does the trick! We noticed the animatronics that they did have were mostly hand made by the creators themselves and we were certainly impressed. A special shout out to the seance room, as that was a very pleasant surprise. (Floating Table - that appeared as it was coming at us when we angered the spirits). Fun Fact: We were informed that this specific idea/scene came about & was created by hand in one days time, WOW!

With only one weekend left, we recommend getting your spook on at Horror Hall. Horror Hall has become a tradition to locals for years and it will certainly be on our squads must visit list whenever we’re nearby! Job well done Horror Hall team!

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