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The Haunt PA - 2022 Haunt Spotlight

The Haunt PA located in Schaefferstown PA (Lebanon County) returns in 2022 for their 2nd season of providing SPOOKY FUN! The Haunt PA is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization that is housed on the Schaefferstown Carnival Grounds, which hosted its first carnival back in 1919! The Haunt PA prides themselves on being an old school style haunted house with minimal to no animatronics/special effects & rely heavily on their cast to provide hair-raising startles! These folks take one man's trash & recycled materials/props & turn them into eerie set pieces to fill out their attraction. Although, they are excited to be incorporating a laser vortex tunnel, electric chair, & maybe a few other chilling surprises for 2022!

The Haunt PA will feature 3 main themes - Heidelberg High, Mayhem Mansion, & Insanitarium - with other sets & scenes in between! What may seem like a “small town haunt”, The Haunt PA boasts over 40 scare actors & an in-attraction experience of around ~60 minutes! The spooks you’ll encounter aim to be highly interactive & gear their scares towards the many fears & phobias that haunt goers possess! While outside of the attraction you can enjoy one of the several photo ops (including hearses), Cromwell’s Concessions, souvenir/merch stand, Local Haunt & Area Artist booths (selling amazing creations, paintings, etc), & interactions with roaming midway characters!

The Haunt PA will be operating Friday’s & Saturday’s from 9/30-10/29 (7-10pm), along with Sunday’s 10/9 & 10/30 (7-9pm). Tickets are an affordable $20 per person! If you’re a fan of vintage Hearses, then you’re in luck, visit The Haunt PA on Saturday October 22nd for their first annual Hearse Show At The Haunt PA! These folks may only be headed for their 2nd season of operation but they have lots of exciting plans for years to come. Don't let The Haunt PA’s newness and limited advertising fool you. Customers who come to this 100 year old carnival grounds will explore room after room, building after building of darkness and unique chilling scenes where they will become a part of "THE HAUNT". Never forget, not all things left just because the carnival closed. Fear not of the dark itself, but what may lurk within it!

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