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Laurel's House of Horror 2016 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Laurel’s House of Horror

Location of Attraction: Laurel Maryland

Date of Review: 9/24/2016

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Entertainment and Food Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Makeup and Costume Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Props Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Overall Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Overall Feedback: Laurel's House of Horror is a truly unique haunt. They take place inside an old movie theater that is tucked into a dark corner in a shopping mall. Laurel’s House of Horror only features one attraction however, there one attraction is one of the longer walkthroughs we’ve been through this season. Laurel’s House of Horror also has a Escape Room(s) that runs during the off-season and certain weekdays throughout haunt season. It was very hard to rate this haunt as it is on a different scale from the larger haunted attractions that have been in existence for 10+ years. For this only being their third year in existence, Laurel’s House of Horror hit a homerun this year!! Everything about this attraction (makeup, costumes, props, and actors) will compete with almost any haunted attraction that we've been to over the years. All of the actors stayed in character and had well thought out skits. The props utilized were very realistic and the overall atmosphere was very erie. There was such a large variety of scenes throughout. They did a great job touching all of the common scare factors (horror film characters, clowns, spiders, darkness, blood & gore, chainsaws, etc.). Laurel’s House of Horror messed with all of our senses by utilizing a well balanced amount of smells, sounds, feels, etc. We rated this attraction a 7 for scare factor as our group has been attending haunts for years and we aren't easily scared although we heard many screams from the other patrons. We spoke with customers and everyone had nothing but good words. The staff are very friendly and really wanted to make sure every single customer had a pleasant experience. We saw staff ask customers throughout the night for their thoughts and feedback on the haunt. We got a chance to speak with the owners and it sounds like there is a lot of room for growth and improvements. This is our first time attending this attraction and we are excited to come back to see this attraction grow over the years. We strongly encourage all haunt fans to pay Laurel’s House of Horror a visit! When you visit make sure to tell them that YORK FRIGHT REVIEW SQUAD sent you!! As always, if you have any questions on our review of this attraction, please let us know!

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