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Twistback Manor 2017 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Twistback Manor

Location of Attraction: Oxford PA

Date of Review: Friday October 13th 2017

Total Number of Attractions Available: ONE

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 6.5

Entertainment and Food Rating (scale of 1-10): 6

Overall Makeup and Costume Rating (scale of 1-10): 6

Overall Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Overall Props, Animatronics and Set Design Rating (scale of 1-10): 7.5

Overall Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Overall Feedback: Twistback Manor is a prime example of the saying “don’t judge a book by the cover”. Heading into just their second season of operation we were eager to pay Twistback Manor a visit! On the outside, the haunt makes you wonder if it’s worth the visit but once your journey begins you’ll be glad you visited. Twistback Manor is your old school style haunt that relies on live actors to provide the scares and not high end animatronics. Practically no animatronics will be found at Twistback Manor nor will high end props and scenes. This haunt utilizes a lot of everyday items to fill out their scenes. For example, we approached a clown scene where a few umbrellas were opened fully and just resting on the ground… as we walked past, one of the umbrellas popped up in our face to provide a solid scare. Simple ideas like this one are what makes Twistback Manor such a unique attraction. In talks with the owner he revealed that a portion of his actors actually roam throughout the entire haunt to provide scares in multiple scenes. We honestly felt like there were a solid 50 actors and boy were we shocked to find out it’s a little less than half of that! There was one actor in all black attire with a white mask that continually stalked our group… CREEPY! Oh by the way, don’t underestimate the actors as they are sure to give you a good scare with some laughs mixed in! As we look back on our visit at Twistback Manor we continually think of how simple everything was in terms of costume, makeup, props, set designs, etc. yet we didn’t miss the movie ready makeup or thousand dollar props/animatronics. It’s haunts like these that are so unique and each and every one of them provide their own completely different experience. There aren’t many true old school haunts around so it’s good to visit and support them when you have the chance. At the completion of our experience we spoke with the owners and they are so clearly in this for the fun of it. Attendance numbers, competitors, etc. are all things they aren’t worried about. What they are worried about is providing a fun and scary experience for each and every guest who enters their haunt. The best part about visiting small haunts like Twistback Manor is the ability to watch them grow over the years. Not being rushed through the attraction is also a perk as well! We definitely feel that Twistback Manor is a very suitable haunt for younger haunt attendees so it could certainly make for a great spooky family experience. So to recap, if you plan to visit Twistback Manor expecting breathtaking set designs, high end animatronics and props, movie ready makeup and costume, etc. then yes you’ll be disappointed. But if you visit Twistback Manor expecting a fun experience then they will without a doubt leave you amazed! If you’re looking for that old school haunt that provides the SPOOKY FUN experience for ALL then TWISTBACK MANOR is for YOU! As we’ve said in the past, It’s always good to take things back a notch to how haunts used to be. If you’re located in Lancaster PA or surrounding areas we definitely suggest you to pay Twistback Manor a visit. Thank you Twistback Manor for providing such a unique experience that we will surely remember for many years to come!

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