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Haunt Spotlight - Waldorf Estate of Fear 2018

- Individual Interviewed & Title: Angela Moyer / Owner

- Name of Haunted Attraction: Waldorf Estate of FEAR

- Location of Haunted Attraction: 6325 Interchange Rd Lehighton, PA. 18235

Number of years in operation: 13 years

- What inspired you to open a Haunted Attraction: “My love for all things horror.”

- Describe your haunt, what makes you unique: “We create a setting in our haunted house that immerses you inside a horror movie. We try to make things realistic so that visitors will forget that they’re at a haunted house and think that things are actually happening around them. Our zombie apocalypse walking trail takes you through an actual junkyard with real cars not fake props. In our hayride you will find some of your favorite horror movie characters. We like to give our guests something that they can relate to, not made up ideas that they don’t understand.”

- What is new for the 2018 haunt season: “We have Escape Rooms and are toying with the idea of having one in the basement of the Waldorf Hotel. If you haven’t watched “Hell House, LLC” go watch it! It’s a found footage horror movie that was filmed at the Waldorf and it shows all the evil that lies within the basement.”

- Any real haunted history at your haunted attraction: “YES! Supposedly a long time ago someone was killed out in front of the hotel and his body was drug onto our property... our facilities used to be a functioning restaurant with rooms to rent above. People have told me that a boy with down syndrome often visited the restaurant and spoke of a woman who sat in the corner that no one else saw. Some of our actors have claim to have experiences in the attic; something or someone touching them but no one is there… ooooo!”

- On a scale of 1-10 how scary is your haunted attraction: “8/10! We suggest 12 years and up but are a good old fashioned haunted attraction. We are not extreme, no touching or bad language, just a good scare!!”

- How long is the typical experience: “If you do all 3 of our attractions (haunted house, hayride and walking trail) it will take about an hour, plus your wait time. Add an escape room for another half hour. Friday nights have less wait times then Saturday’s.”

- How many actors are part of your performance each night: “Generally about 50-60 each night.”

- How has technology helped to enhance the experience your haunt offers: “We prefer live actors over animatronics but still have a thing or two up our sleeves.”

- Looking a few years down the road do you have anything new or exciting coming about: “Hell House, LLC 2 will be released within the next few months… watch for it!!”

- Any final comments to share: “At Waldorf Estate of Fear we rely on live actors to give you a good old fashion scare. Nothing can compare to a live person convincing you that everything happening is real… you may just forget it’s all for some good Halloween fun!”

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