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Terror Farm - 2018 Review

- Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Terror Farm - Website: - Location of Attraction: Newport PA (Perry County) - Date of Review: Friday October 26th 2018 - Total Number of Attractions Available: 3 in 1 - Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 7/10 - Entertainment and Food Rating: 5/10 - Atmosphere Rating: 7/10 - Overall Costume and Make Up Rating: 8/10 - Overall Cast and Crew Rating: 7/10 - Overall Props, Animatronics and Set Design Rating: 8/10 - Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 6/10 - Overall Feedback: Friday evening we paid a visit to the newest Haunted Attraction in Perry County, Terror Farm. Located in a small borough called Newport, Terror Farm has the perfect eerie location that isn’t far from the beaten path. As you drive past the local grocery store it’s hard to picture ever getting in the Halloween spirit. But tucked down into a quiet and desolate spot, Terror Farm instantly creates a spooky atmosphere. We hadn’t heard of this haunt until about a week before our attendance. Many great Facebook reviews snagged our interest and we elected to give this haunt a whirl. With rain forecasted in the area we arrived right before opening and a small crowd was already on hand. Ticket prices usually run from $15-20 depending on the time of season you attend. After purchasing tickets we hopped into line which was fortunately a covered area to keep us out of the drizzle. While waiting in line alongside a rustic barn a demonic voice can be heard over the sound system informing guests of the rules. A few minutes prior to opening time two actors appeared out of nowhere and instantly began harassing the crowd and getting guests pumped for the Terror Farm experience. These roaming actors were phenomenal and provided a perfect mix of screams and laughs. Terror Farm features three attractions (Blood Barn, Horror Hollow and Pestilence Field) which all run back to back to create one large walkthrough attraction. Small groups were being let into the haunt every few minutes which gave us hope that we’d never catch up to the group ahead of us. Once it was our turn we entered one of the several decrepit looking barns and it was game on from that point forward. With being a year one haunt we weren’t sure what to expect. We certainly went into the experience with our expectations low. Well boy were we pleasantly surprised! On the outside looking in Terror Farm is extremely deceiving and looks to be a brisk haunt experience; it is anything but that! The first few scenes encountered were all of the butcher shop variety featuring severed heads, mutilated corpses and a terrifying actor on stilts that scared the crap out of our squad! From that point forward you’ll encounter a bit of everything; clowns, witches, scarecrows, hillbillies and much more! We were thoroughly shocked by the detailed work we encountered in the first section of the haunt. The entire haunt featured pretty remarkable set design for a first year haunt but nothing beat the work they did in their first barn. As you venture through Terror Farm you’ll weave in and out of several buildings, with a large section of the haunt taking place on an outdoor walking trail. Terror Farm certainly isn’t a prop/animatronic shop! Numerous hand built props were mixed in with a small sample size of animatronics. Beware the large swamp monster that is sure to try and take your arm off! Another impressive piece of this haunt was the number of actors encountered. We’d estimate a solid 40-50 actors, which was a strong number for Terror Farm. Although there were some moments of dead space, we never felt that they were short staffed. The actors all possessed quality make up and costuming, with several of the actors possessing quite remarkable masks! The actors certainly had numerous of hiding places, allowing them to appear out of nowhere to deliver our squad a fright! Although the actors were extremely passionate, many of them need some direction in regards to their acting skits/lines. We heard over and over again the generic “what are you doing here”, “hey”, “get out”, etc. and we believe even a “boo” skit line. The actors certainly have the necessary energy and passion, they just need some guidance in terms of their skits/lines. We really enjoyed the two actors disguised as old folks who possessed great improv and a quite comical skit! Scare/thrill factor at times was certainly there, as our squad definitely was on the receiving end of a few startles. But on that note we felt the experience as a whole was still a family friendly one. What a better way to finish out the haunt then with a clown section! This section was the cherry on top of an already great experience! As we exited the attraction we were amazed to see our journey took a solid 15-18 minutes! As we walked back towards the car the drizzle began picking back up again, creating that perfect eerie atmosphere. It’s safe to say we were pleasantly surprised and quite honestly caught off guard with the experience Terror Farm provided. They have a lot of strong pieces in place which will only allow them to go up from here. If Terror Farm can continue expanding their attraction and the actors begin utilizing creative skits/lines, then this place could easily become a gem in terms of small town old school haunts! Our members drove about 45-60 minutes to visit Terror Farm and it was well worth the drive! Not to mention that the $15-20 ticket price is very reasonable for the experience you receive! Thank you Terror Farm for the spooky fun experience; we look forward to visiting in years to come and keeping tabs on your growth as a haunt! If you’re in the area and looking for something new and different then we strongly urge you to make a trip to Terror Farm! Congratulations Terror Farm on a successful year one of operation!!

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