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301 Devil's Playground - 2019 Haunt Spotlight

- Individual Interviewed & Title: Latasha - Operations Manager

- Name of Haunted Attraction: 301 Devil’s Playground

- Location of Haunted Attraction: Galena, Maryland

- What dates are you open for the 2019 season: “We are open Fridays and Saturdays in October with opening night on Friday October 11th. We are also open Saturday November 2nd for our annual Lights Out Event!”

- Number of years in operation: “2019 will be out 5th season in operation.”

- What inspired you to open a haunted attraction: “We opened in 2015 and had visited another haunted attraction 2 years prior which sparked the idea of operating our very own haunted attraction.”

- Describe your haunt, what makes you unique: “We have two attractions - House of Hell and Barn of Torture. Our haunt is different then other haunts because we use live actors, animatronics and our sets are hand made. We utilize our own unique flare and ideas throughout the attractions. Many of our actors possess our very own costumes as well.”

- What is new for the 2019 haunt season: “For 2019 we added a 3D section to one of our attractions for our customers to enjoy. The thing we are most excited about for this season is seeing how everyone likes the 3D area and to see if we boost our clientele.”

- Any real haunted history at your haunted attraction: “Unfortunately no.”

- On a scale of 1-10 how scary is your haunted attraction: “8 out of 10 because it can be pretty intense for some, we’ve had numerous people leave with wet pants!! We do suggest that kids are at least 10 when visiting our attractions.”

- How long is the typical experience: “It normally takes about 30 minutes to complete both attractions (House of Hell and Barn of Torture) plus whatever the wait time may be on any given night.”

- How many actors are part of your performance each night: “Generally between our two attractions we have anywhere from 80 to 100 scare actors on a nightly basis.”

- How has technology helped to enhance the experience your haunt offers: “Our attractions have everything from fog and strobe lighting to several large animatronics. Between our scare actors and the technology utilized guests can bank on at least a few startles.”

- Looking a few years down the road do you have anything new or exciting coming about: “Nothing specific to hit on but our creative minds are always thinking up new ways to please our guests. Come visit us at 301 Devil’s Playground - we are unique and sure to provide a night of fun and scares.”

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