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2020 End of Year Haunt Awards!

Well folks, it is with much sadness that we have to announce that our 2020 review season has officially come to a close! 2020 was by far the strangest haunt season we’ve ever encountered, considering it took place during a global pandemic! Our squad was thoroughly amazed at how each and every haunted attraction adapted their experience to provide a safe & spooky fun time! Despite all the shenanigans, we still managed to attend and review a total of 24 different haunted attractions. We traveled thousands of miles and reviewed haunted attractions all across Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, and Ohio! We encountered a wide array of attractions from a 2nd year mall haunt (Hackney Haunts) to a 44th year, old school style haunt (Elysburg Haunted House) and everything in between. Each and every haunt certainly provided a unique and frightfully fun experience! CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to ALL 24 HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS on a successful haunt season; our squad appreciates all that you do for the industry and we thank you for your hospitality! To recap our 2020 haunt season we’ve provided a complete list of each haunted attraction we reviewed and their final rating. All 24 reviews have been posted to our website ( Back for 2020 are our Haunt Awards! Take a peak and see if any of your favorite haunted attractions made our awards list!


1st Place - Reaper’s Revenge

2nd Place - 13th Floor Haunted House Columbus

3rd Place - 301 Devil’s Playground

4th Place - Elysburg Haunted House

5th Pace - Haunted Hoochie

Honorable Mention - Field of Screams PA


1st Place - Tales of the Unknown @ 13th Floor Haunted House Columbus

2nd Place - Waldorf Hotel @ Waldorf Estate of Fear

3rd Place - The Barn of Torture @ 301 Devil’s Playground

4th Place - Hotel of Horror @ Hotel of Horror

5th Place - Delirium @ Reaper’s Revenge

Honorable Mention - Haunted Mill @ Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill


1st Place - Haunted Hayride @ Reaper’s Revenge

2nd Place - Haunted Hayride @ Field of Screams PA

3rd Place - The Ride of Terror @ Creamy Acres Night of Terror


1st Place - Lost Carnival @ Reaper’s Revenge

2nd Place - City of Horrors @ Waldorf Estate of Fear

3rd Place - Nocturnal Wasteland @ Field of Screams PA

4th Place - Terror Trail @ Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill

5th Place - The Harvest @ 301 Devil’s Playground

Honorable Mention - The Field @ Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres


1st Place - Haunted Hoochie

2nd Place - 13th Floor Haunted House Columbus

3rd Place - 301 Devil’s Playground

Honorable Mention - Elysburg Haunted House

BEST UP & COMING HAUNTED ATTRACTION (5 years or less experience)

1st Place - Hackney Haunts (Season 2)


1st Place - Elysburg Haunted House

2nd Place - Reaper’s Revenge

3rd Place - Haunted Hoochie

4th Place - 13th Floor Haunted House Columbus

5th Place - Hotel of Horror

Honorable Mention - Waldorf Estate of Fear


  1. Field of Screams PA - Rated 9.5/10

  2. Demon House - Rated 8/10

  3. Haunted Hills Estate Scream Park - Rated 7/10

  4. Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill - Rated 8/10

  5. Shocktoberfest - Rated 8.5/10

  6. Hackney Haunts - Rated 7/10

  7. Hellstead Manor - Rated 7/10

  8. Reaper's Revenge - Rated 10/10

  9. 13th Floor Haunted House Columbus - Rated 9/10

  10. Haunted Hoochie - Rated 9/10

  11. Factory of Terror - Rated 8/10

  12. The Akron Haunted Schoolhouse - Rated 9/10

  13. Fortress of Fear ScreamPark - Rated 8/10

  14. Hotel of Horror - Rated 9/10

  15. Waldorf Estate of Fear - Rated 8.5/10

  16. Scare Farm - Rated 7/10

  17. Farm of Horrors - Rated 6/10

  18. Oasis Island of Terror - Rated 6.5/10

  19. Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres - Rated 9/10

  20. Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride - Rated 8/10

  21. 301 Devil's Playground - Rated 9/10

  22. Creamy Acres Night of Terror - Rated 9/10

  23. Fright Factory Philly - Rated 8.5/10

  24. Elysburg Haunted House - Rated 8.5/10

Most importantly, we want to thank all our beloved fans and followers. We would not be where we are as a squad without such incredibly amazing fans and followers. We appreciate YOUR support! THANK YOU!

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