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Devil’s Last Laugh - 2023

🚨😈 Our Visit To Devil's Last Laugh 😈🚨

Date: 10/13/2023

Location: Lehighton, PA

Devil’s Last Laugh exceeded our expectations & provided an unforgettable & devilish experience! In just their 2nd season of operation, Devil’s Last Laugh brings forth a high-quality haunt experience that’ll please even the most veteran of haunt goers! Those who underestimate Devil’s Last Laugh will leave thoroughly surprised by the top-notch production quality of this small but mighty attraction!

Devil’s Last Laugh is located in Lehighton, PA & isn’t too far off the beaten path. As you pull into the parking lot you’ll fall victim to the unassuming external appearance of Devil’s Last Laugh! We snagged our general admission tickets which run for $15 per person, an absolute steal for the level of experience offered!

New for 2023 is an expanded midway area that starts off with a freakish bang! You’ll traverse through Mr Pickles’ sideshow which is loaded with all sorts of circus freaks! A few quick comical & startling engagements help set the tone for the evening.

While waiting in line a pre-show video plays on the side of the building which houses the Walcksville Asylum, the main attraction here! We learned about a deranged killer clown named Mr Pickles & were forewarned about the utter mayhem that is contained within the Walcksville Asylum walls. After a brief wait we were admitted into the Asylum in intimate groups of 2-4 visitors.

As we stumbled up to the ominous entrance of Walcksville Asylum we were greeted by a jittery security guard who set the tone for what would be an exhilarating & unnerving adventure. We proceeded forth to the waiting room where we awaited the infamous Dr Fredrick & learned about the insane killers that Dr Fredrick has housed in the Asylum over the years! Once we got checked in & received our visitor badges we were sent forth into the madness of the Walcksville Asylum!

Within seconds of entering the Walcksville Asylum all hell broke loose! Sinister & manic patients were lurking around each & every corner, eagerly awaiting unsuspecting visitors. We felt fully immersed into the demented Asylum & the chilling atmosphere sent shivers shooting down our spines! We were thoroughly impressed with how committed the cast was; they were seriously fully immersed into their deranged characters! And these crazies came from literally every which direction. One manic fellow thrashed haphazardly around in a padded room. A crazed gal made all sorts of body gyrations as she flailed around in a wheel chair. Another contorted herself in half & walked creepily upside down towards us. A devilish doctor administered a near lethal injection to one of our members! Countless standout performances that left us frazzled & concerned! Kudos to this devoted cast for providing a startling & blood-curdling experience.

Based on the unassuming external appearance here we never would’ve expected such high-quality & detailed set design! Handcrafted props & set pieces were masterfully placed with clear attention to detail. Blood & gore galore in some of these scenes! High-end special effects were utilized to fully immerse visitors into the deranged Asylum. Many scenes played mind-games on you, as masterful distraction techniques were used to allow the crazed patients a window of opportunity to pounce on oblivious visitors. Beware “The Nun”, as she delivered a bone-chilling startle to several of our members!

As we rushed out of the Walcksville Asylum, hearts racing, we needed a moment to catch our breath! One things for sure, our whole crew was truly blown away by the first-class experience Devil’s Last Laugh offers! We had the pleasure of chatting with owner/operator Kory for a bit & thoroughly enjoyed hearing more about the haunt & his plans for future seasons. Kory has been involved in the haunt industry for many years & he just oozes passion for spooky season! Devil’s Last Laugh will certainly be an annual haunt stop for FRS as we’re eager to watch these folks continue to grow & flourish!

Before you head out for the evening be sure to snag a quick bite at the food truck, peruse the well stocked merchandise booth & capture a few group photos to commemorate your spooky-fun experience! Kudos to Kory & his team for the stellar hospitality & for providing a top-notch haunt experience! We’ll be back again next year to endure another round of mayhem from Mr Pickles & his sinister friends!

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