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Freddy’s Haunts - 2023

🎃😈 Our Visit To Freddy's Haunts 😈🎃

Location: Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

Date: 9/23/2023

Freddy’s Haunts located in Aliquippa, PA was the perfect spooky fun destination for a cool & dreary Saturday evening! Freddy’s Haunts is celebrating their 31st year of operation for 2023 & these folks really put an emphasis on offering a fun-filled & frightening experience. Even better yet, Freddy’s Haunts truly kicks things old school as they rely almost solely on their scare team to bring their attraction to life!

Our spooky fun adventure began about 2-3 miles before even arriving onsite at Freddy’s Haunts. The dark, windy & desolate backroads leading up to the attraction surely kickstarts the creep factor! Eventually you stumble upon the Freddy’s Haunts hearse which signifies your arrival & parking attendants guide you forth from there. Our first startle of the evening began just footsteps outside of our vehicle, as a chainsaw wielding maniac pounced on us out of nowhere to deliver a hair-raising startle!

At the ticket booth you’ll be pleasantly greeted by ghostly hosts who’ll set you up with a group number, which serves as your place in line. This means you don’t have to spend your time waiting in long lines. You’re free to peruse the midway, which features a small concession booth serving up light refreshments, live entertainment (DJ’s, bands, etc), ample seating, photo-ops, a massive bonfire & roaming spooks to keep you on your toes! Once your number is called it’s your turn to experience the thrill of Freddy’s Haunts!

We had the pleasure of speaking with the operator of Freddy’s Haunts (Dave) for a few moments prior to beginning our experience. This fellow just oozes passion for all things spooky & clearly genuinely cares about his customers experience! On the evening we attended Dave was greeting each & every group prior to their entering of the attraction! He shared with us that nearly everything encountered within the haunt is hand constructed by himself & his team, certainly not a prop shop at Freddy’s Haunts!

Freddy’s Haunts may not possess elaborate or elegantly crafted scenes, nor high end special effects or animatronics, but what they do possess is creativity & originality! We were pleasantly surprised & quite honestly felt refreshed during our adventure through Freddy’s Haunts. This ~25 minute indoor trail kept us guessing from start to finish, as we never knew what to expect. One moment we were trenching through cornstalks & the next we were descending into a mineshaft. Moments later we were knee deep in clowns & circus freaks! Then all of a sudden we were meandering through a creepy graveyard with monstrous crypts! Oh yeah, and we even traversed through an Old Western Town! The lack of consistent theming here worked flawlessly & kept us thoroughly engaged throughout our journey!

We can’t forget to mention how these folks have mastered the art of disorientation! A smaller curtain maze & a much larger dimly lit maze both left us completely lost in the sauce as we tried to navigating our way through. Just when we thought we were making headway, we’d get all twisted around & begin to think we were going to be forever trapped inside! Loud & lively music in these mazes certainly helps to confuse & a few live actors sprinkled in delivered some well executed startles! We certainly laughed our way through the larger maze as we scratched our heads & wondered how in the hell we were ever going to find our way out!

While it was clear that Dave & his build team have put a lot of time, energy & passion into the scenes, it’s truly the scare actors who are the “main event” at Freddy’s Haunts! This cast & crew truly oozes love & passion for what they do! We couldn’t help but notice how much fun they were having as we made our adventure through the attraction. We received a perfect mixture of frights & comical engagements, which makes Freddy’s Haunts an appropriate haunt choice for most of the family.

Before venturing off to our next haunt destination for the evening we caught back up with Dave to share our thoughts on the experience. We truly enjoyed the old school style vibe that Freddy’s Haunts possesses! The atmosphere was lively & swirling with spooky fun, truly an ideal location to channel your inner love for spooky season! Our squad would most certainly revisit Freddy’s Haunts the next time we’re in the area. Come find out for yourself what the meaning of spooky fun means at Freddy’s Haunts, you won’t be disappointed!

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