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Jail of Terror - 2022 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Jail of Terror

Location of Attraction: Newark Ohio

Date of Review: 9/17/2022

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 8/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 7/10

Atmosphere Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 8.5/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 8/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Feedback: Jail of Terror located in Newark Ohio was our 5th stop on our Ohio Haunt Tour! We hadn’t initially planned to visit these folks but when we learned of their close proximity to Fear Columbus & Haunted Hoochie, we elected to sandwich them between our other two planned haunt stops for the evening. Jail of Terror is housed in the old Licking County Historic Jail which first opened back in 1889. The 32 jail cells, each a minimum of 8′ x 8′ in size, had an official total capacity of 68 prisoners. However, well over that number were housed here at times. The jail building was last used for incarcerations in 1987. With over 20 deaths within the jail walls, many of them by suicides, there’s ample documented paranormal activity. The Licking County Jail was even featured on Ghost Adventures back in 2014. Jail of Terror’s goal is to raise money for the preservation of the Jail itself.

Jail of Terror possesses three levels of ticketing, General Admission ($25), Fast Pass ($40), & Front of the Line ($60). Their haunt schedule mainly consists of Friday’s & Saturday’s from now until the end of October, with a few select Sunday’s thrown in. Jail of Terror does an incredible job with refraining from sending conga lines of people through the attraction. The small intimate groups certainly enhance the experience, allowing the troubled inmates plenty of opportunity to taunt & torment the brave souls who elect to enter this fear-provoking Jail of Terror! As Halloween inches closer & the crowds increase, we recommend considering an upgrade to Fast Pass/Front of the Line passes if you want to cut down on your wait time.

As you arrive onsite at Jail of Terror your attention is immediately drawn to the aesthetically pleasing yet ominous Licking County Jail. The multi-story structure towers above you, sending warning signs of intimidation & uneasiness into your mind & heart. It’s truly a breathtaking sight to see, one that’s sure to leave you in awe. Snag your tickets & take a few moments to check out the merchandise booth which also features unique artifacts uncovered from over the years. The midway area here is small but adequate, as they possess several food vendors, lively mood-setting music, & a few roaming spooks to keep you entertained (shout-out to the Warden!). We’d love to see these folks continue to expand their midway offerings, incorporating more ways to keep guests entertained while outside of the attraction. We had the pleasure of speaking with Darrin, General Manager, both before & after our experience. It was great to learn more about the Jail’s history along with various personal paranormal encounters that Darrin experienced at the Jail. Special thanks to Darrin & the Jail of Terror team for their hospitality.

Jail of Terror prides themselves on being a theatrical based haunt, relying heavily on their cast & crew to drive the experience. We thoroughly appreciated how they kept their set design simplistic, by highlighting the pure eeriness & elegance of Jail itself & sprinkling in a few extras to finish off the scenes brilliantly. Once inside, we were greeted with one of the highlights of the experience. Multiple inmates yelling random threats and absurdities created a realistic beginning. Throughout the experience you're bombarded by the mentally disturbed and some hardened criminals. Relying on little more than a superb backdrop and highly energetic actors, Jail of Terror delivered a harsh prison sentence. We’d definitely classify Jail of Terror as an old-school style haunt but with a few modern twists thrown in. The few animatronics & special effects utilized were effectively executed to further enhance the experience while not taking away from the creepy sophistication of the Jail itself.

We can’t help but rave about the cast & crew at the Jail of Terror. They were absolutely relentless in their attacks, providing countless spine-tingling startles. Their ability to remain flawlessly in character further immersed us into the storyline. Not to mention the sinister & borderline life-like costuming & makeup that these folks possessed. All around the Jail of Terror cast & crew provided a magnificently nerve-racking experience, that surely left a nightmarish impression on our squad (in a good way!).

Jail of Terror utilized their sophisticatedly eerie property coupled with their passionate cast & crew to provide a memorable haunt experience that we’d surely recommend to any & all haunt goers. The ominous external appearance of the Jail itself is capable of sending shivers down your spine. But it’s truly what lurks on the inside that’ll leave you wishing you brought a change of underwear. Do you have what it takes to survive the deranged inhabitants of the Jail of Terror? Bring the bravest of souls you know & test your fate at the Jail of Terror!

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