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Leech Woods Haunted Trail - 2023

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

🚨🖤 Our Visit To Leech Woods Haunted Trail 🖤🚨

Date: 10/21/2023

Location: Demascus, MD

For the first time all season, the stars almost aligned, allowing nearly our full squad to come together for a night of spooky fun! Kudos to FRS member Tailor for crafting up the below write-up on our experience at Leech Woods! Checkout our thoughts on Leech Woods below 👇👻

Leech Woods located in Demascus, Maryland provides an entertaining environment for spooky lovers of all varieties! In just their second year of operation, Leech Woods is already making a big name for itself on the Maryland haunt scene. These folks put forth a spooky fun experience suitable for the entire family!

Leech Woods features a ~30+ minute immersive haunted trail experience. The dark & dimly lit trail winds you through the haunted forest where the Leech family was murdered and their spirits still inhabit the land. Listen closely & you’ll hear the unsettling voices of the Leech family spirits!

Shout-out to Tami, owner & operator of Leech Woods, for being an incredible ghostly host! Tami just oozes love & passion for spooky season & was truly such a joy to engage with! We always enjoy seeing haunt owners such as Tami fully immersed into the haunt & roaming out & about with the patrons ensuring everyone’s having a great time!

Before beginning our experience, we stood in the queue and there was a girl who was stood up by scared friends. She asked to walk through with our group & we of course welcomed her into our group and things got started shortly thereafter!

Our first stop on the trail was the Leech Family Store, which is uninhabited, abandoned and DARK. You have to feel your way through to the other side where you eventually walk into a redneck’s rest area where our “extra group member” was suddenly kidnapped! She was snatched into a shack with a blood curdling scream and we never saw her again (until it was time to leave. Hi Sammy!)

After unexpectedly witnessing at least one crime, we wandered through the woods for over a half hour through multiple new scenes and we must admit that even our most stoic members jumped out of their skin on more than one occasion. This is largely in-part to the impeccable timing of some of the spooks! We think the best scare of the night went to one of the clowns that totally caught us off guard.

One of our favorite scenes was the ghosts under sheets. You know that one of them has to be a real person but you have the unnerving task of trying to figure out which one before they strike! Other stand-outs included a creepy church scene, a bone-crisping crematorium, the infamous & unnerving Leech Family Store and some comedic relief from a skeleton singing near the end of the trail.

Leech Woods won’t douse you with high-quality special effects nor will you encounter a plethora of animatronics. But what you will encounter is numerous handcrafted scenes featuring keen attention to detail. Some of these scenes were quite aesthetically pleasing with exceptional lighting effects to really make things pop! There’s several scenes that phenomenally executed the “less is more” approach, with simple yet very effective set design!

While Leech Woods only offers the trail as their main attraction, there’s also a very immersive midway that has tons of activities. There’s carnival games like bottle toss, balloon darts, and ball toss. One of our members, Tailor, won a weird alien/zombie creature that accompanied her through the trail and kept her safe from the spirit of Mr. Leech.

There’s also a fortune teller, blacklight axe throwing, and some of the best special fx makeup we’ve seen done on haunt guests (check out Nevermore’s Nightmares, she is awesome!).

The midway also featured a fire dancer who does amazing tricks with a variety of props, an area for beer and wine called the Hornet’s Nest Grill, and some amazing food made on the spot by a couple of very talented chefs. We highly recommend the sliders and the spiced cider.

Overall, we had a great time at Leech Woods and we truly can’t wait to see where they take things in the future. Leech Woods has already grown so much in just one years time, it leaves us very optimistic that these folks have a spookily bright future ahead! If you’re in Maryland and looking for something frightfully fun to enjoy this weekend, we’d certainly recommend stopping by Leech Woods.

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