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Massacre Mansion Haunted Attraction - 2023

Our Visit to Massacre Mansion Haunted Attraction Date: 10/22/2023 Location: Simpson, PA

One of our brave FRS squad members, Christy, braved the cool & dreary weather on Sunday evening to pay visit to Massacre Mansion Haunted Attraction! Christy's thoughts on her experience are below, give it a read!

Located in Pennsylvania is an absolute treasure of an old school haunt, Massacre Mansion. Off the beaten path, through a quiet town close to Scranton lies this wonderland. [10 minutes from Reapers Revenge. Could be a good “spook-etizer” to pair with Reaper’s Revenge] As soon as you walk into the grounds, you are immersed into a carnival like world with the lights, sounds and displays. And it might be hard to decide if you want to first snag a class funnel cake or save it as a reward after making it through Massacre Mansion.

The first attraction experienced is The Massacre Mansion with lots of creatures lurking around every corner that have been waiting to play with you & ready to put on a show. If you remember the old trailer haunts that are reminiscent of those either in the boardwalk, at a carnival, or amusement parks from long ago, we appreciate them taking us back to memory lane with their creative innovations to include old and new ideas. This attraction boasted small hallways, and highly interactive actors that were very talented and eager to scare you. They found so many ways to pop out of nowhere. (So if you’re claustrophobic.. LOL)!

Next we headed off to The Harvest of Souls Hayride, which is a newer addition to the expansion this team has managed to incorporate. The hay wagon is truly one of a kind with their use of bus seats to take you on a wild tour of scenes including enthusiastic ghouls, creepy nursery’s, pig faces, clowns, and of course a well timed chain saw entrance…. All while having a comfortable seat. Characters jumped, climbed, slithered; and even tried to come along with us during the 20 minute hayride. With the rain and cold scaring many customers away, we enjoyed the intimate & in-your-face experience! We certainly got a personalized adventure as it felt like the show was just for us. One of our favorite scenes was the scarecrow scene… which was all around very well executed. It seemed like there were scarecrows quietly coming from everywhere in the shadows which made for an eerie and unique vibe that we don’t often see.

Streamlining directly after the hayride, you have a few seconds to collect your thoughts & bearings before heading off to Blacklight Reactive Indoor Maze. After a little personalized game of hide and seek, you get a chance to prove you’re brave and smart enough to make it out of this mind-twisting maze. Shout out to the creepy girl who did an amazing job, left us wondering if she was an actress or really a lost soul living here.

And finally you finish off in the Pumpkin’s Wrath Corn Maze, where you’ll test fate & see if you have what it takes to escape. Here the actors did a creepy job of working together to find unique & clever ways to scare us as we tried to walk through without getting completely lost & disoriented. The maze is well thought out with dead ends, twists and turns, oh and more spooky scarecrows lurking in the shadows.

This team of friends and family worked together to create a haunt for those who are there for the same passion as there’s…. Halloween! When you come here you will enjoy the practical scares and may appreciate the break from the use of heavy animatronics and high production to see an attraction which uses more practical effects and engagement to interact with guests. With their talent and love, this team somehow managed to bring together spooky scares and thrills, while still maintaining a family friendly atmosphere.

It was heartwarming (and bone chilling) to experience a team/family that worked together to create a haunt so full of life, energy, and passion. In talking with the owners & team, we learned that they have been doing this for so many years, and have expanded over the course of the last few years. You can absolutely tell that they are putting their blood, sweat and tears into this attraction in truly all aspects of your experience here. We commend such dedication; and we especially appreciate them choosing to stay on a rainy, cold night to give their customers a great time.

Massacre Mansion Haunted Attraction provides a well balanced mixture of scares & thrills while also providing comical & fun engagements. Your group will leave breathless and you’ll potentially lose your voice after enduring 60 minutes of blood-curdling screams and belly-aching laughter.

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