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The Haunt PA - 2023

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

🎃👻 Our Visit To The Haunt PA 👻🎃

Date: 10/20/2023

Location: Schaefferstown, PA

On a dreary & rainy Friday evening, FRS members Christy & Bryan decided to represent FRS by paying a visit to The Haunt PA. We were pumped when we were informed that they would remain open despite the crummy weather! Mother Nature's dreary weather this haunt season has been frustrating but we do find it to help further create a spooky atmosphere!

Entering the parking lot you'll immediately take notice of the purple and orange lights glimmering in the distance. You'll feel welcomed into their carnival-esque feeling atmosphere as your heart begins to fill with excitement. Located on the Schaefferstown Fire Company carnival grounds, this team utilizes their space exSCREAMly well. While it's a pain that The Haunt PA team has to tear down & set up their haunt each & every season, this does leave them endless opportunities to constantly change things up & keep their experience fresh!

The Haunt PA features three mini attractions which combine to make for one notable walkthrough experience! The three attractions/zones here build off of each other incredibly well, as they continually up the ante thrill wise at each stop! Smaller scale haunts like The Haunt PA never cease to amaze us with the unique & clever ways to make an unassuming exterior turn into utter chaos once inside! The Haunt PA truly capitalizes on the space they have available! We were informed that they used more than 2000 pallets this year to create their never-ending hallways & snake-like passageways!

The Haunt PA utilizes a spooktastic mixture of dark hallways, creepy scenery & interactive characters to make you feel fully immersed into their frightening story. We love the amount of interaction this cast of spooks provides! They effectively customize their skits & dialogue to ensure you receive an intimate & personalized experience. They also have this eerily charming way of identifying your greatest fears & capitalizing on those said fears to ensure you receive a few goosebump inducing startles! We'll highlight several of our favorite characters & encounters below!

The "welcoming patient" was arguably our favorite actor of the evening, as she kept us frighteningly entertained! We were honestly worried that this crazed asylum patient was going to forever keep us in her asylum of mayhem! Her creepy appearance, insanely believable insanity & vicious smile sent shivers down our spine & truly gave us a gut-wrenching feeling! It's safe to say we prayed she'd let us escape!

The victim in the electric chair provided an unnerving engagement & honestly terrified us. We could hear his weeping voice echoing from nearby hallways. A sense of suspense set in as we couldn't identify where his voice was coming from! As suspense continued to build as we heard his pleas & shrieks for help. As the sounds of his voice grew louder we stumbled upon this poor victim who was tucked away in a dark corner. As we began to approach the electric chair sparked tremendously. His pleas for help were eerily convincing as we had the urge to save this poor soul.

The demented doctor in the Insanitarium did a frightastic job keeping us frighteningly engaged. Although we were a bit intimidated & anxious about the surprise he had to show us. It was no surprise why this doctor got the boot from the local hospital, as his unruly & unethical ways certainly left us feeling horrified.

We can't forget to give a shout-out to arguably the most realistic Leatherface you'll ever encounter at a haunted attraction! Despite knowing that Leatherface was lurking nearby, he still succeeded immensely at delivering a blood-curdling fright! This chainsaw wielding maniacs size alone was enough to send us running away in fear... not to mention his incredibly life-like ability to sling the chainsaw around just like Leatherface in the movies!

We had the pleasure of catching up with some of the owners/operators of The Haunt PA! These folks just ooze love & passion for the spooky season & they are always incredible hosts! We appreciate & enjoy chatting with this passionate crew! Be sure to come hungry as they have ample concessions to keep your belly full along with scrumptious hot cocoa to keep you warm on those chilly fall evenings.

Featuring 25 minutes of SPOOKY-FUN entertainment for an incredibly affordable price (currently $15), be sure to give The Haunt PA legitimate consideration as one of your spooky destinations to visit each haunt season! It's important we spooky lovers show some love to our local haunted attractions & a visit to The Haunt PA is a SPOOKTACULAR way to do so!

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