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Sweet Dreams Scare House - 2022 Review

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Sweet Dreams Scare House

Location of Attraction: Easley South Carolina

Date of Review: 10/7/2022

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 9.5/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 9/10

Atmosphere Rating: 9/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 9/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 10/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 9/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 10/10

Overall Feedback: Located in the dark & desolate woods in Easley, South Carolina is a backwoods old school style haunt known as Sweet Dreams Scare House! There's certainly no "sweet" dreams with a visit to these woods of insanity. An experience that's certainly nightmare inducing will leave you trembling in fear, as they push you to your limits! If you think you have what it takes to survive, test your fate & find out. 

We arrived on-site at Sweet Dreams Scare House shortly after 10pm and they still had a decent sized crowd on hand. It was these folks 4th weekend of operation already and they were firing on all cylinders. As we stepped out of our vehicles we couldn't help but hear the shrieks of fellow patrons being horrified in the woods. We immediately felt immersed into a spooky fun ambiance and were itching to experience Sweet Dreams Scare House. 

As we proceeded forth towards the ticket booth we had the pleasure of chatting with Joe, owner and operator of Sweet Dreams Scare House. This fellow is very clearly passionate about providing a unique & frightening haunted attraction experience. Certainly no cookie-cutter haunt here... these folks are in a world of their own! Joe briefed us on the haunts backstory & filled us in on their unique Touch Tour experience. Sweet Dreams Scare House already offers a rather R-Rated & edgy experience, but for those wanting an even more immersive & intense experience, then the Touch Tour is for you! Opt in for the Touch Tour & you'll receive a glow necklace which signifies you're fair game for the demented characters to do just about whatever they damn well please to you... You'll be touched, grabbed, & lightly pushed/shoved. You'll be subjected to seclusion & separated from your group. The already R-Rated components are further enhanced as the characters you’ll encounter up the ante & truly provide foul engagements. In our opinion, the Touch Tour is the only way to go, but if you're easily offended or have a knee-jerk reaction to punch/hit, then it's best you stick with the general experience! 

Sweet Dreams Scare House is open predominantly Fridays & Saturdays from now until November 5th. They'll also be open 10/26, 10/27, 10/30, & 10/31. Still ample time available for you to pay these folks a visit! Tickets run for a very reasonable $25 for general admission or $30 for the Touch Tour. If you're wishing to bypass the line, FastPass entry can be added on for an additional $10. After snagging your tickets you'll be funneled into the compound/midway area. It's here where you'll encounter some thrilling queue line entertainment. A few ghostly ladies were putting on quite the performance, as they had literally a whole show of fire twirling stunts & other shocking tricks! Numerous photo-ops were also available for you to snag commemorative group photos. A small snack stand offers your usual refreshments & don’t forget to swing by the gift shop to snag some Sweet Dreams Scare House merch! 

At Sweet Dreams Scare House it's truly the cast & crew that drive the show! They are fully immersed into their roles, bringing their scenes and your worst nightmares to life! Since our crew partook in the Touch Tour, we knew we were going to be in for an adrenaline pumping show. But little did we know how truly hands on & intense the experience would be. As promised we were subjected to mature & R-Rated content, vulgar language, intimidation & sarcastic threats, touched, grabbed, & lightly shoved, even separated from our group at times. These folks truly made for a comical yet extremely nerve-racking experience from start to end! They knew how to push you to your limits & certainly succeeded at tormenting our crew. One fellow truly felt us up so much, we still smell like his raunchy cologne. We also can't forget to mention the realistic costuming & makeup these folks possessed, helping to further immerse us into the experience. Job well done Sweet Dreams Scare House cast & crew! 

Our journey in the eerie woods began in a decrepit shack where a manic character came barreling at us. It was this initial scene where we realized just how wild of an experience we were in for. This manic fellow immediately made his presence felt & sent one of us tumbling across the room onto his bed. Countless more memorable scenes and characters were encountered on our 30+ minute bone-chilling adventure. 

Sweet Dreams Scare House prides themselves on being an old school style haunt. You won't encounter animatronics, cutting edge special effects, or loads of store bought props. These folks take one man's trash & use it to craft glorified scenes of horror! The sets were effectively detailed and immersed the audience into the experience. We traversed through a plethora of common haunt scenes, but of course with a Sweet Dreams Scare House twist added in. 

A decrepit barn housed a corpsed horse and the bunny man who gave us hell for breaking his lawn mower. The bunny man proudly showed off his recent victims & threatened to skin us too if we hadn't hightailed it out of there. A gory butcher shop possessed dismembered body parts & a deranged butcher. This massive fellow snagged one of our members & locked her in a fridge while sending the rest of us into his spine-chilling body freezer. We encountered a "Mary Jane", in a long smoke-filled tunnel, who provided a comical encounter. A rundown hospital possessed a probable meth addicted doctor who was failing miserably at his job... but he sure did startle us! A large house featured several dollhouse themed scenes, which is where we encountered the infamous Dollface. Dollface provided by far the most memorable engagement of the night, as he tossed one of our members onto his bed and proceeded to sit on top as he flailed a giant dildo around and asked us to “spank his monkey”. An absolutely bizarre encounter that we'll never be able to erase from our memory. We love you Dollface!! An ominous church seemed to be overrun by the devil, as a demented preacher "blessed" us - although we certainly felt anything but holy as we exited the church! An eerie graveyard-esque scene had a fellow portraying a Native American who shared his frustrations with folks stealing his property! A ghillie suited lady startled us as she appeared out of nowhere in the murky swamp. She threatened to use us as bait as a large hook dangled from her bait shop. A massive carnival section featured numerous crazed clowns who stole the show & provided numerous gut-wrenching laughs & hair-raising startles. One fellow tricked us into playing with his rubber duckies named Gerald while another had us hopscotching & booty-shaking. Shout-out to Dr Cyko the Clown and his fellow clownish cohorts! The carnival also possessed a 3D funhouse of sorts, with eye-popping artwork & and several other startling surprises. 

After exiting the attraction our crew immediately began conversing about our experience. We were all thoroughly impressed by the experience Sweet Dreams Scare House offers! It may be bizarre but it's damn sure unique, as there's not really anyone else like these folks! We had the pleasure of catching up with Joe once more & were pleased to share with him about our incredible experience. He even graciously showed us a sneak-peak behind the scenes to see where & how the magic comes to life! One thing for certain, Sweet Dreams Scare House is a true force to be reckoned with & is considered a MUST-SEE attraction in our eyes! We were craving an extreme, intense, & mature themed haunt & Sweet Dreams Scare House delivered to pure perfection! We cannot wait to revisit Scream Dreams Scare House again in the future! If you're itching for a haunt that actually scares you, Sweet Dreams Scare House is the place to be!

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