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Terror Farm - 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

🚨😱😈 Our Visit To Terror Farm 😈😱🚨

Date: 10/6/2023

Location: Newport, PA

Haunt goers must no longer overlook Terror Farm, as these folks have truly concocted a sinister & must-see haunted attraction experience! We’re quite honestly astonished with the level of growth & enhancement we’ve seen from the Terror Farm team since their inception in 2018! What was once a ~15 minute journey appropriate for the full family has since blossomed into a 30-35 minute spine-chilling & mature experience. Even our most stoic squad members found themselves startled, unnerved, & intimidated at times. Truly an underrated haunted attraction experience that we’d classify as a hidden gem!

Located in a small borough called Newport, Terror Farm has the perfect eerie location that isn’t far from the beaten path. As you drive past the local Weis grocery store it’s initially hard to fully immerse yourself into the Halloween spirit. But being tucked down into a quiet, dark & desolate corner of Newport allows Terror Farm to instantly immerse patrons into a spooky atmosphere. Free parking is located at the Perry County Fairgrounds, just a short shuttle bus ride away.

Terror Farm has drastically beefed up their midway area & offerings over the past few seasons. While you snag tickets or after exiting the haunt you can peruse the gift shop, snag scrumptious eats from the food truck & engage with the roaming spooks. Chester & his lovely wife were phenomenal, as they bantered back & forth together providing numerous comical engagements! Once inside the main midway you can snag group photos at the several photo-ops or warm-up by the fire. Once you’re ready to be terrified, jump in line & begin to prepare yourself for the nightmarish horrors you’re about to encounter.

We were admitted into Terror Farm in small groups which allowed for an extremely intimate experience. No safety in numbers here!

Our frightening adventure featured all sorts of horrors ranging from maddened butchers to crazed circus freaks to unethical veterinarians & everything in-between! One things for sure, Terror Farm was overrun with crazed & relentless creatures! Something we thoroughly enjoy about Terror Farm is their largely adult based scare acting team! This allows the interactions to be much more mature in nature & quite honestly, a bit more intimidating than a 16 year old behind the mask! A large number of the characters we encountered featured unique skit lines, excellent improv skills & life-like costuming & makeup! Not to mention, these characters had phenomenal timing & pounced at exactly the right moment to deliver countless spine-tingling startles! There were honestly too many horrifyingly memorable encounters (in a good way) to list them all, but we’ll shout-out a few of our absolute favorites:

  • The old fellow in the ghostly mansion is an annual favorite of our squad! What’s not to love about this fellows eerily comical personality! He berated his weeping wife & proceeded to share that he knew exactly where the “missing children” were as he freakishly grinned & rubbed his enlarged abdomen!

  • A young redneck truck driver slinging all sorts of hillbilly gibberish provided maybe the most remarkable character engagement we witnessed all season! This young feller caused us intense abdominal pains from laughing so hard. His sly & witty jokes coupled with a charming & flirtatious personality made for an entertaining engagement! We honestly could’ve listened to this feller ramble all night.

  • Both an elastic contortionist & a mammoth of a clown left us jaw-dropped as we traversed through the big top circus tent! The contortionists’ flawless ease to bend & twist every which direction certainly left our joints aching. And the near 7’ clown was anything but laughable, as this demented clown towered above us & screamed about his distaste for bubbles!

  • Another gargantuan & menacing fellow was offering up massages as a way to prepare you for his consumption! All of our members had the same “holy s**t” reaction when this monstrosity of a creature appeared out of nowhere!

Terror Farm certainly doesn’t just solely rely on their cast & crew to provide an unnerving & startling experience! The scenic design here is meticulously crafted in such an eerily yet elegant way! The many handcrafted props encountered is a testament to the time & level of care put into the creation of each & every scene! Don’t rush your way through so that you can truly appreciate the level of detail throughout each & every scene! Startling special effects & several high-end animatronic creatures help to further beef up the thrill factor! Countless breathtaking & spooky scenes were encountered & we’ll highlight a few of our favorites below!

  • An aesthetically pleasing yet decrepit swamp shack left us jaw-dropped due to its eerie beauty!

  • The big top circus tent truly transported us to a lively & bizarre carnival atmosphere! Bubbles flying, carnival smells, exhilarating games & freakish clowns highlight the horrors encountered in this demented circus!

  • A two-story ghostly mansion is absolutely breathtaking both inside & out! The decrepit & intimidating external appearance is just a sliver of the terrifying reality that lies inside.

  • The Spatterdash Veterinary Clinic happily accepts walk-ins… just know you’ll be fortunate to walk-out! Blood & gore galore inside these demented walls. You’ll witness all sorts of unethical procedures which doesn’t just stop at just animals. Move swiftly or you may very well become the next inhabitant of this evil establishment!

  • Arrive with an appetite at the barbecue joint & leave with none of your limbs intact! You’ll endure anything but good customer service in this unruly establishment! We thoroughly enjoyed the bar scene as well as the chilling deep freezer!

Terror Farm never ceases to amaze us & continually ups their game year after year! We’ve come to expect a top-notch haunt experience & we were certainly not disappointed this season! Come see for yourself why we feel this sinister, unnerving & downright bone-chilling attraction is one of PA’s best kept secrets in the haunt industry! If Terror Farm isn’t on your radar then you MUST reconsider your plans for spooky season! Happy Hauntings!

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