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Woods of Terror - 2023

😈🖤 Our Visit To Woods Of Terror 🖤😈

Location: Greensboro, NC

Date: 9/16/2023

Woods of Terror absolutely blew us away when we visited during our 2022 Haunt Tour! So much so that they were the deserving recipient of our prestigious #1 Overall Haunted Attraction Award for 2022! That’s certainly no small feat as they were up against 35 other accomplished & spooky fun haunts. After a truly phenomenal experience during our 2022 Haunt Tour, we knew we needed to pay these folks a visit during the 2023 season!

FRS members, Chandler & Colleen, made a much anticipated visit to the infamous Woods of Terror on their opening night of the 2023 season (Saturday 9/16). Woods of Terror once again proved why they are a premier destination for fellow spooky lovers! Boasting a 45+ minute, mind-blowing & downright nerve-racking adventure that is truly masterful at providing non-stop entertainment! Woods of Terror is truly not for the faint of heart! The scenic design here is truly second to none, featuring larger than life scenes & world-class special effects to make for an incredibly immersive experience! It felt like something straight out of a Hollywood movie. Not to mention the cast was fully immersed into their roles, possessing no shortage of energy & passion! Be prepared to be scared, as we’re certain you’ll fall victim to the hair-raising & spine-tingling startles that await in the Woods of Terror!

The marvelous & spooky fun adventure at Woods of Terror commences with one of the most epic opening ceremonies you’ll ever experience in the haunt industry! Be sure to arrive early as you won’t want to miss out on the monster parade, which allows the sinister characters to hand select their unlucky victims! Bone Daddy & his epic band perform an exhilarating rendition of the National Anthem which eventually transpires into the Woods of Terror cast concluding things with their invigorating Woods of Terror chant! As the monster parade concludes, all the crazed characters disperse into their “homes” in the dark woods!

Woods of Terror delivered countless updates & enhancements for the 2023 haunt season! This includes, but not limited to, a new ticket option that permits early access into the haunt + a special meet & greet with ~20 demented & ghoulish characters, the serving of beer & mixed cocktails in the midway, several new/revamped attractions, and much more! Certainly no shortage of changes to help keep annual attendees thoroughly frighteningly delighted! Kudos to all the spooks we engaged with during the meet & greet for providing comical & witty yet chilling & frightening entertainment!

Without giving too much away, we were absolutely blown away by the newest attractions, Eleven’s Nightmare & The Mortuary! These are just 2 of the 10+ attractions/themed areas you’ll encounter along your journey at Woods of Terror! And of course the Woods of Terror team didn’t just stop at replacing 2 attractions… they also beefed up several of their other attractions with additional props, animatronics, & special effects to even further heighten the already sophisticated sets! Some of our favorite attractions of the evening included Pirates Cove & Voodoo Lagoon, Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, & Eleven’s Nightmare!

Stranger Things fans will “ooh & aah” as you traverse through Eleven’s Nightmare, which immerses you into the horrifying ‘Upside Down’! Your journey is set in a first-person perspective, as you’re playing the role of ‘Eleven’. Be forewarned as you’ll encounter vicious Demogorgons & the fearsome Vecna himself! Do you have what it takes to survive the horrific hallucinations that Eleven’s Nightmare possesses? If so, Hopper, Eddie, & the rest of the Stranger Things crew are awaiting your arrival in Elevens Nightmare!

Woods of Terror legitimately offers a world-class experience certain to entertain & terrorize all varieties of spooky lovers! We had the pleasure of chatting with Bone Daddy (owner Eddie) & Ryan (one of the creative masterminds) throughout the evening. Ryan awarded us the pleasure of a behind the scenes tour of several of the attractions! We were left completely in awe by how sophisticated & elegantly crafted the scenes are! So much thought, time, & love was clearly put into the elegance that is Woods of Terror! We also thoroughly enjoyed hearing the backstory behind the haunt & how Woods of Terror has blossomed into such a monstrosity of a Halloween event!

Thank you Eddie, Ryan & the entire Woods of Terror team for providing such an innovative & immersive haunt experience like no other. Woods of Terror is a MUST-SEE Haunted Attraction & we know for certain you won’t be disappointed! We cannot wait to visit Woods of Terror again & again, it’s just that amazing, a unanimous 10 out of 10!! Happy Hauntings!

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