About our Squad

Hello fellow Halloween fanatics! What is Fright Review Squad you ask? Well, Fright Review Squad is a haunted attraction review group! We attend and review haunted attractions and escape rooms all across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and more! Our squad started out in 2016 when a father and son pair (Paul and Chandler) elected to step away from scare acting to start up Fright Review Squad! Paul and Chandler have surrounded themselves with fellow Halloween enthusiasts to make up such a remarkable squad! Each squad member not only has a very strong love for all things Halloween but many boast years of experience with scare acting, managing/constructing haunts, reviewing haunts and of course attending haunts! During our fourth season of reviewing (2019) we attended and reviewed 31 haunted attractions! For the 2020 haunt season our squad hopes to once again visit and review 30+ haunted attractions; another adventurous and extravagant quest! Happy Hauntings!

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