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301 Devil's Playground 2016 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: 301 Devil’s Playground

Location of Attraction: Galena Maryland

Date of Review: 10/16/2016

Total Number of Attractions Available: 3

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Entertainment and Food Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Makeup and Costume Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Props Rating (scale of 1-10): 10!!

Overall Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Overall Feedback: We attended 301 Devil’s Playground on a chilly Saturday evening. The attraction was beginning to fill up as our group arrived. This haunt starts the scares just moments after purchasing your tickets. There were quite a few actors roaming the midway area and plenty of screams were heard before we reached the attractions. By the time we reached the attractions our hearts were all pumping in excitement. We were pleased to see that they were letting small groups in the haunts every few minutes despite the long lines. Smaller groups when going through walk throughs definitely provide a more frightening experience as your whole group can be involved in each and every scene. We began our evening with The Barn of Torture. The Barn of Torture had some amazing props and animatronics throughout. We were truly in awe when we saw some of the animatronics. After the barn we headed over to the House of Hell where we got to witness first hand what Hell might be like. Once inside the attraction, the actors never gave in! They were very active and in your face the entire time. Devil’s Playground by far is one of the most creative haunts when it comes to the scares. The actors came at you from every direction, pop scares were scattered throughout, and the props and actors were all very relentless. We finished the evening with the Zombie Paintball Hayride. We initially weren’t quite sure what to expect with the paintball hayride but we can all say that we really enjoyed this attraction!! You truly felt as if you were on a military mission to take out the zombies. Across the board at 301 Devil’s Playground you can find some truly amazing props/animatronics, highly active and scary actors, and tons of fun & scares! This haunt is by far one of the most consistent haunts as all of their attractions were equally as good as the others. The attractions were so great that our group didn’t have a favorite attraction across the board at this haunt as they were all so terrifically executed! If you want an evening of great fun and scares then 301 Devil’s Playground is definitely the place to be. If you attend this haunt, it’s safe to say that you surely won’t forget your experience! We encourage ALL haunt enthusiasts to pay 301 Devil’s Playground a visit!!! When you visit, make sure you tell them that YORK FRIGHT REVIEW SQUAD sent you their way!

Individual Attraction Review:

Attraction Name: The Barn of Torture

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Likes: The Barn of Torture definitely did not disappoint!! By far one our favorite barn themed haunted attractions that we’ve ever been through! The complexity and detailed work put into each scene was truly TOP NOTCH! Our group has never seen so many high quality and massive animatronics in one indoor walk through! There was definitely plenty of blood and gore throughout this attraction as well. All of the actors were very active and interacted with the customers. When inside the haunt you truly felt like you were in their for quite some time. This haunt truly tackled and taunted each customer from every direction with actors coming at you from above, below, and every other angle! Different types of pop scares were scattered throughout this haunt as well which helped up the overall scare factor of the attraction.

Dislikes: Although you felt like you were in this attraction for quite some time, you were truly only inside for 10-15 minutes. We’d love to see Devil’s Playground extend the overall length of this attraction to provide more scares!

Attraction Name: House of Hell

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Likes: The name of this attraction truly explains what to expect when inside. The House of Hell is a real life walk through of hell. The deranged and mentally insane actors encountered in this attraction were quite vicious. Trying to take our fingers, ears, skin, and all other body parts for their collections. This haunt definitely stuck to the theme of blood and gore throughout the majority of the attraction. We loved how the actors costumes just blended into the scenes and then BAM, they were in your face providing a terrifying experience to all members of your group! Again, Devil’s Playground tackles and taunts their customers from all angles with actors coming after you from each and every direction. We just couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw some of the animatronics in this attraction. I think all of our members stood with our jaws dropped in awe at a few of the animatronics we found.

Dislikes: Like The Barn of Torture, the House of Hell wasn’t a very long or lengthy walk through but you definitely felt as if you were in the attraction for a good length of time. The outstanding actor performance and high quality props made up for the short attraction length.

Attraction Name: Zombie Paintball Hayride

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Likes: The Zombie Paintball Hayride was thoroughly enjoyed by all members of our group. The ride starts off by waiting near what seems to be a military base. Once on board the army truck, the staff member on board did a great job relaying to the customers what the mission was. The staff member did very well with setting a fun and exciting mood for the entire hayride. This attraction however was tough to score as the zombies encountered weren’t necessarily trying to scare the customers on the wagon. This resulted in us not providing a scare factor or actor rating for this attraction. We felt that all the zombies did great at acting as if they were being knocked back and falling when being shot. There was a wide variety of scenes and different structures that the zombies came out from. Included in each scene were different zombie looking props that you could shoot at however, the real fun and excitement was found in shooting the live zombies. Something that you don’t get in most paintball hayrides is unlimited ammo and at Devil’s Playground, you get just that! It makes the whole attraction more enjoyable when you aren’t worrying about running out of ammo.

Dislikes: The biggest downfall of this attraction was the lacking of zombies. Going into the attraction our group was expecting zombies to be coming from all different directions. However, there were only one or two zombies at each scene. The overall experience would definitely be more enjoyable if more live zombies were added!

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