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Laurel's House of Horror 2017 "Halfway to Halloween" Event

On a Friday evening, May 12th 2017, our Squad attended Laurel's House Of Horror "Halfway to Halloween" event! We were ecstatic to have the pleasure to do both the "7 Deadly Sins" escape room and the main haunted attraction. First thing first, this haunted attraction is like no other. Located in the back corner of a shopping plaza and housed inside an old movie theater, the setting couldn't be anymore unique!! Throw in a wet and dreary evening and you got yourself a perfect set up for a spooky night (yes, this can still happen in the middle of May). The staff are also beyond pleasant and thoroughly go out of their way to ensure each guest has a pleasant experience. We began our evening with the escape room. We choose the "7 Deadly Sins" room as the description made it very clear that all senses would be utilized in order to escape! We are disappointed to announce that we ran out of time and did not personally escape (let's just say we got off to a slow start and our wheels didn't start turning until about 10 minutes in). In this specific escape room, you were given 45 minutes to work as a team to try and escape. Once we got rolling and started putting theories and clues together, we started to work our way closer to freedom. We ended up one last puzzle to solve and about two minutes shy of defeating this escape room! This room definitely required teamwork, patience, and a whole lot of thinking! The actor in this escape room probably had a few good laughs during her 45 minutes with us. She had a very eerie vibe and progressively taunted us more and more each minute. Big shout-out to this individual for making our escape room experience nothing but the best! We will definitely be back for more of Laurel Haunt Escape Rooms!! We then proceeded on to the walk-through portion of the event. During the 2016 haunt season we felt as if we were never going to make it to the exit while in the haunt. It was room after room after room. Each scene providing more scares and a different look. This feel carried over into this "Halfway to Halloween" event! A good length walk through can be found at Laurel's House of Horror! The haunt featured unique scenes, scares from all directions (high, low, etc.), suspense, just the right amount of darkness, and a whole lot of terrifying actors. You won't hear the classical "get out", "growl", "what are you doing" scare tactics at Laurel's. Their actors provide a frightening experience and a lot of interaction. Be prepared for some in your face action at the haunt!! Good actors and just the right amount of props set this haunt up for success! I think every member of our squad jumped or screamed at least a handful of times during this haunt!! Overall, the thing we like the most about Laurel's House of Horror is their friendly and family oriented environment. They provide a frightening and fun experience for all guests! This haunt is definitely a must see so put this one on your list for the 2017 haunt season!! Great job Laurel's House of Horror, this event definitely receives a 10/10 in our book!!

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