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Bates Motel Escape Rooms - The Revenge of the Serial Killer

On Saturday July 7th we visited Bates Motel Escape Rooms for the second time in a month! We were blown away by our first experience and therefore needed to come back to experience more! This go around we participated in "The Revenge of the Serial Killer" escape room! One of our newest members, Jennifer Mongold, has a special love for escape rooms! She has participated in over 30 escape rooms and has quite an impressive survival rate. With this being Jennifer's first ever Bates Motel Escape Room experience we thought we'd let her recap our most recent experience.

"With this having been my first visit to this location, I have done so many of these rooms I thought I knew exactly what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised on several fronts! Arriving at the seemingly normal establishment in a mundane business park is no different from all those that have come before, however stepping through their door transports you. The moment you enter the lobby you know you are in for something different. They have taken great efforts to make you feel like you are going down the rabbit hole by the quirky and interesting lobby decor. Your journey starts with a backstory video, this is fairly standard at most Escape Rooms (Backstory: Perhaps the greatest feat of mental strength which human beings possess is our ability to overcome our fears. To achieve focus while being courageous is easier said than done. Are you brave enough for this game? Revenge of the Serial Killer places you captive in the warehouse of a notorious serial killer known as “The Cipher” , where you will have to face your fears, while working together, to escape his terror and madness. Experienced escape players and novices alike will delight in the terror and fun of this macabre challenge. Inspired by the Saw films, and filled with references to infamous real life serial killers.. you will feel like you’ve been dropped right into the middle of a horror movie..). Bates Motel takes your journey a step farther... walking back to your room to begin your adventure definitely sets the tone for what you are about to experience. As you travel down the corridor into the darkness you can see just how much love and effort they have placed into their rooms. Walking into your game you are confronted with a realistic set, the quality of which could rival a movie set. Of all the locations I have visited, the set design of these rooms are by far the most elaborate and professional I have ever encountered. This attention to detail really helps immerse you in the experience. Like most escape experience you have 60 minutes to solve all the clues and escape. Unfortunately this location does not provide a countdown clock. This is probably a personal preference but I for one like to see where I stand throughout the experience. The clues lead you in a progression through the experience that for beginner escapists will be very pleasing. It makes the room far easier to complete with little room for lost clues and puzzle pieces. The puzzles in this room were on the easier side of things, I actually found myself overthinking most of them because I am used to more complex mechanics. This is not entirely a bad thing, each location needs rooms that have varying levels of complexity and I look forward to coming back and attempting some of the harder rooms. The story remained consistent throughout and had scare elements that just added to the fun. Overall this was a very enjoyable experience and I would love to come back to visit soon."

We are excited to say that our group of six was able to beat "The Cipher" and escape with just under three minutes remaining. If you haven't yet visited Bates Motel Escape Rooms we strongly encourage you to do so!!

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