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Haunt Spotlight - Hundred Acres Manor 2018

- Individual Interview & Title: Tyler Kozar - Director of Marketing & Customer Relations

- Name of Haunted Attraction: Hundred Acres Manor Haunted House

- Location of Haunted Attraction: Pittsburgh PA

- Number of years in operation: “2018 is our 15th year in operation!”

- What inspired you to open a Haunted Attraction: “We're a non-profit haunted attraction. So the goal from the start and to this date is to raise as much money as we can for the local community and put on the best show possible. To date we have donated over $2M to local Pittsburgh charities.”

- Describe your haunt, what makes you unique: “We're a fully immersive haunt. From the walls, to the ceiling to everything in-between. We try to push the limits year-after-year with special effects like rooms that rock back and forth or elevators that shake and drop, we take every element of the experience into account.”

- What is new for the 2018 haunt season: “We have 3 new attractions/changes within the haunt. #1 Curse- An all new cabin themed attraction with monsters, demons and creatures lurking around. #2 Breach 2.0 - We have moved our alien attraction and expanded it! More aliens, more scares! #3 Voodoo - We have removed the cave onsite and built a massive expansion to our voodoo attraction including a walk thru cemetery and large chapel.”

- On a scale of 1-10 how scary is your haunted attraction: “9 out of 10! We suggest 13+. But it's scary good fun for anyone. We will not deny someone admission due to age. There is NO nudity, profanity or sexual content.”

- How long is the typical experience: “A action packed 30-45 minutes!”

- How many actors are part of your performance each night: “We have 100+ actors staffed each night!”

- Looking a few years down the road do you have anything new or exciting coming about: “This is our largest year to date. However we can tell you next year is already being planned and it's looking to be scarier!”

- Fright Review Squad Comments: We visited Hundred Acres Manor in 2016 for the very first time and boy were we amazed! To this date Hundred Acres Manor remains in the top FIVE Fright Review Squad all time favorites! An action packed and spine-tingling experience from start to finish is what you should expect when visiting. Were excited to announce that we will be paying Hundred Acres Manor a visit this haunt season! Our squad is beyond excited to check out the changes they have made over the past two season. Check out our review from our visit in 2016 here:

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