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2022 Haunt Tour Flashback & 2022 HAUNT AWARDS

Hello Spooky Lovers & Haunt Gurus!! The 2023 haunt season is rapidly approaching… To help commence the start of spooky season, let's take a stroll down memory lane & revisit our 2022 Haunt Tour! Our 2022 Haunt Tour took us on an exhilarating adventure, traveling thousands of miles through 9 states (PA, MD, NJ, NY, VA, OH, KY, NC, & SC)! We had the pleasure of visiting 36 haunted attractions last season, by far a record-breaking season for our squad! In an effort to honor & celebrate these SPOOKTASTIC haunted attractions, please take a peak below and see if any of your favorite haunted attractions were a recipient of our 2022 Haunt Awards!

CONGRATULATIONS to all 36 Haunted Attractions that were a part of our 2022 Haunt Tour; our squad appreciates all that you do for the industry and we thank you immensely for your hospitality! We hope all of our fellow spooky lovers have a FRIGHT-TASTIC 2023 haunt season! We would not be where we are as a squad without such incredibly amazing fans and followers. We appreciate YOUR support! THANK YOU!


2nd Place - Fear Columbus 3rd Place - Reaper’s Revenge 4th Place - Sweet Dreams Scare House 5th Pace - EverHaunt Honorable Mention - Frightworld America's ScreamPark

BEST INDOOR WALK THROUGH HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS 1st Place - House in the Hollow @ Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres 2nd Place - Aftermath - The Final Stand @ Fear Columbus 3rd Place - Rosewood County Asylum @ EverHaunt 4th Place - Eerie State Asylum @ Frightworld 5th Place - The Dent Schoolhouse

BEST HAYRIDES 1st Place - Haunted Hayride @ Reaper’s Revenge 2nd Place - Haunted Hayride @ Bates Motel 3rd Place - Haunted Hayride @ Field of Screams PA 4th Place - Depths of the Dark Forest Extreme Hayride @ Demon Acres 5th Place - Frightmare Forest Haunted Hayride @ Frightmare Farms

BEST OUTDOOR TRAIL ATTRACTIONS 1st Place - Woods of Terror 2nd Place - Lost Carnival @ Reaper’s Revenge 3rd Place - Sweet Dreams Scare House 4th Place - Nocturnal Wasteland @ Field of Screams PA 5th Place - Spooky Bottom Haunted Trail

SCARIEST HAUNTED ATTRACTIONS 1st Place - Fear Columbus 2nd Place - Frightworld 3rd Place - Sweet Dreams Scare House 4th Place - Haunted Hoochie 5th Place - Woods of Terror

BEST UP & COMING HAUNTS (5 years or less experience) 1st Place - EverHaunt 2nd Place - The Asylum on Pine Knoll 3rd Place - 7 Gates ScreamPark

BEST CAST AND CREW 1st Place - Sweet Dreams Scare House 2nd Place - Elysburg Haunted House 3rd Place - Woods of Terror 4th Place - Madworld Haunted Attraction 5th Place - Jail of Terror

BEST OLD SCHOOL HAUNTS 1st Place - Elysburg Haunted House 2nd Place - Nightmare Manor 3rd Place - The Haunt PA

CREEPIEST HAUNT PROPERTIES 1st Place - Jail of Terror (Licking County Historic Jail) 2nd Place - Imaginarium Sanitarium (Cresson Sanatorium & Prison) 3rd Place - USS Nightmare (William S. Mitchell Dredge Boat)

MOST EXTREME HAUNTS 1st Place - Sweet Dreams Scare House 2nd Place - Haunted Hoochie

BEST HAUNT MIDWAYS 1st Place - Madworld Haunted Attraction 2nd Place - Woods of Terror 3rd Place - Field of Screams PA 4th Place - Cox Farms Fields of Fear 5th Place - Kersey Valley SpookyWoods

2022 HAUNT TOUR Field of Screams (PA) The Dent Schoolhouse (OH) USS Nightmare (KY) Nightmare Manor (OH) Fear Columbus Haunted House (OH) Jail of Terror (OH) Haunted Hoochie (OH) Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill (PA) Reaper's Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions (PA) Distorted Dreams Haunt (MD) Hackney Haunts (MD) Laurel's House Of Horror - Haunted House (MD) The Nevermore Haunt (MD) Terror Manor (VA) The Asylum On Pine Knoll Dr (SC) Sweet Dreams Scare House (SC) Madworld Haunted Attraction (SC) Scream Dreams (NC) Kersey Valley SpookyWoods (NC) Spooky Bottom Haunted Trail (NC) Woods Of Terror (NC) Elysburg Haunted House (PA) Imaginarium Sanitarium (PA) Ravenwood Manor Haunted Attraction (PA) Sleepy Hollow Haunted Acres (PA) Creamy Acres Night of Terror (NJ) Terror Farm (PA) The Haunt PA (PA) SHOCKTOBERFEST (PA) Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride (PA) Frightworld America's Screampark (NY) EverHaunt (NY) 7 Gates Screampark (NY) Frightmare Farms Haunted Scream Park (NY) Demon Acres (NY) Cox Farms Fields of Fear (VA)

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