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301 Devil’s Playground - 2023

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

🚨😈 Our Visit To 301 Devil's Playground 😈🚨

Date: 10/7/2023

Location: Galena, MD

A devilish playground of MAYHEM & UTTER MADNESS awaits you at 301 Devil’s Playground! These folks truly never cease to amaze us with their first-class, high intensity & downright hair-raising experience! 2023 was our 6th visit in 8 years & 301 Devil’s Playground continually impresses with their adrenaline-packed and spine-tingling attractions! These folks boast FOUR haunted attractions that are sure to appease even the most experienced haunt goers!

New for 2023 is an expanded midway area to enjoy after completing your spooky adventure! This revamped midway area features ample seating, numerous photo-ops, several food vendors, a well stocked merchandise booth & of course roaming scare actors! The roaming spooks will without a doubt provide a few additional hair-raising startles to help keep your blood-pumping after finishing the attractions.

The four haunted attraction offerings here are  experienced in a linear/continuous fashion, minimizing your wait in between attractions helping to keep that adrenaline rush flowing from start to finish! While waiting in the main queue line outside the ominous House of Hell, several roaming characters help to set the tone for the fearsome & unnerving journey that awaits you!

The House of Hell is a torturous adventure with blood-curdling surprises lurking around each & every corner. Densely packed props, eye-popping animatronics, & sinister scare actors help to make this a gut-wrenching journey that’s sure to leave nightmarish impressions!

3-D Phobia is booby-trapped with pop scares, sure to send shivers down your spine. The 3-D effects utilized were visually mesmerizing and very effective at providing relentless trippy disorientation. Be prepared for a relentless assault of your senses, as you're overloaded with intense visual, audio, & smelly special effects!

The Barn of Torture is nothing short of grueling, as you pray to escape the manic mutants that lurk throughout the attraction. Massive animatronics, menacing scare actors, & world-class set design make for a movie-quality experience! There’s certainly no shortage of blood & gore, just pray you’re not the next to be slaughtered in The Barn of Torture.

The Harvest dumps you into a dark & desolate cornfield, with nothing but the moonlight to help guide you through the snake-like paths. Insane inhabitants of all sorts were lurking throughout The Harvest, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting patrons. We were blown away with the countless enhancements & additions encountered in The Harvest! This attraction nearly doubled in size leaving you to question if you’ll ever escape the inhabitants of this spine-chilling cornfield! You’ll encounter darkness, dead ends, chainsaw wielding maniacs, sinister scarecrows & a plethora of other nerve-wracking horrors! Once inside the cornfield you’ll be regretting your decision, let’s just hope you have what it takes to escape!

301 Devil’s Playground is still somehow a hidden gem in the haunt industry - we’re amazed how many folks have still yet to experience the madness that these folks provide! Their set design, especially in The House of Hell & The Barn of Torture, can compete with the best of the best. The scare actors really heightened their engagements this year, truly immersing themselves into sinister characters & providing an interactive experience filled with much more dialogue then in years past! Kudos to the cast for providing countless blood-curdling startles! Costuming and makeup, as always, was frighteningly realistic and near movie quality.

Don’t let the off the beaten path location of 301 Devil’s Playground deter you from visiting. Boasting FOUR full sized attractions for a solid 45+ minutes of horrifying fun, 301 Devil’s Playground is well worth the visit! This devilish playground of mayhem fully immersed us into a hellish nightmare of horrors! Job well done as always to the 301 Devil’s Playground team! You’re still among our favorite haunted attractions & we always look forward to visiting your petrifying playground!

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