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Cox Farms Fields of Fear - 2021 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Cox Farms Fields of Fear

Location of Attraction: Centreville, VA

Date of Review: 9/24/2021

Total Number of Attractions Available: 3

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 7.5/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 9/10

Atmosphere Rating: 9/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 7/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 8/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 8/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 6/10

Overall Feedback: Fields of Fear is located at Cox Farms, situated not far from busy highways and suburban developments. Parking is on-site, easy and convenient. Despite being right around the corner from strip malls and fast food joints, the place seems like it's own little world. From the moment you enter, it screams of fall festivities. The haunted attractions are far from the only thing to do. You'll find activities for the kiddos, like a giant dinosaur slide, several bonfires, DJ blaring energizing music, numerous photo-op booths, and even some well cared for farm animals. Upon a hillside you'll find a massive, life-sized replica of Stonehenge. It was created several years ago by artist Mark Cline in Natural Bridge, VA and now the replica of Stonehenge resides here at Cox Farms. It is complete with atmospheric lighting and an informational plaque to really set it off. The refreshments are second to none with such options as hot kettle corn, chili, nachos, build-your-own smores, fresh apple cider and tasty, home-made donuts. We were munching on kettle corn and apple cider donuts for days after our visit! Several roaming scare actors will be sure to greet you during your adventure on the Cox Farms property.

For the haunted attraction portion of our evening, tickets are purchased online where pricing varies by the date of your visit. Opening weekend (September 24 and 25) discount tickets were just $20. Value tickets (October 1 and 2, November 5 and 6) are priced at $25. Regular tickets (October 8,9,10,15 and 31) are $30. Peak tickets (October 16, 22, 23, 29, 30) are $35. Secure your tickets online and bring a mask, as covid safety restrictions do apply during portions of your visit (when inside the attractions). Once your plans are made, get ready to enjoy a full evening of Halloween fun and excitement!

The Forest: Back 40 - This walk through was the unanimous favorite among our group of haunt enthusiasts. Floating lanterns and candles are your only source of light and guide your way through this solid 15 minute journey. Strategically placed lighting effects were utilized to create a spooky atmospheric journey. Skulls dangling from trees create an eerie vibe as numerous scare actors pop out from the shadows. You'll feel as though you're miles away from civilization as the forest grows darker and the sound of crickets (skillfully playing over speakers hidden throughout the massive area) echo in the night. The Forest's dimly lit paths and various props and shacks are a delightful journey. We were certainly on the receiving end of several spine-chilling startles. There's nothing to fear - pay no attention to those screams in the distance… or maybe it’s your warning to leave the spirit-filled forest!

Cornightmare - Your journey through Cornightmare will be through 7 foot tall corn, of course! You'll encounter multiple scenes of traditional haunt fun, including clown scenes, a slaughter barn, a cemetery, and many other classics! It also is the home of a creepy dollhouse where actors put some serious effort into intensely banging on walls and popping up unexpectedly! Strategically placed drop panels allow the spooks & ghouls quick and easy access to provide hair-raising startles. Keep your eyes peeled, as spooks and surprises come from all directions. Proceed with caution through Cornightmare, as the inhabitants of the cornfield are merciless!

Darkside Hayride - The hayride journey begins with a 5 minute ride through the darkness to the first scene, setting the tone for an eerie ride. This is a visit to an attractive (and perhaps a little creepy) circus, featuring a few frightening fire blasts that lit-up the sky. Later in your ride, you'll travel right through a dinosaur inhabited lake, leaving you thinking you may be paddling back! Somehow, your wagon will probably just make it through. You aren't out of the woods yet though, as the spooks within CLOWN-ATTACK have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves and may just make you a part of the show!

If you're looking for dismembered bodies, buckets of blood, high-end special effects, big budget animatronics, and an R-rated attraction, this isn't where you'll find it. However, if you enjoy the aspects of a traditional old-school style haunt, you'll find them here. Fields of Fear is a suitable experience for the entire family. The scare actors are full of energy and enthusiasm, providing frightful encounters throughout the experience. On your way out, you can find some delicious treats for the road home and even choose from a wide variety of pumpkins, gourds and decorations to get your own home a little more into the Halloween spirit! So what are you waiting for, grab your friends and family, and head on over to Cox Farms Fields of Fear for a frightfully fun evening!

Individual Attraction Ratings:

Attraction Name: The Forest - Back 40

Overall Attraction Rating: 8/10

Cast & Crew Rating: 8.5/10

Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 8.5/10

Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 7/10

Attraction Name: Cornightmare

Overall Attraction Rating: 7.5/10

Cast & Crew Rating: 8/10

Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 8/10

Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 6/10

Attraction Name: Darkside Hayride

Overall Attraction Rating: 7/10

Cast & Crew Rating: 7.5/10

Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 7.5/10

Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 6/10

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