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Hershey Park Dark Nights - 2023

👻🤡 Our Visit To Hershey Park Dark Nights 😈🎃

Location: Hershey, PA

Date: 9/15/2023

The amusement park monstrosity, Hershey Park, once again takes a dark & demented turn bringing back “Dark Nights” for its 2nd spooky season! FRS members Christy, Bryan, & Justin ventured to the ‘Sweetest Place on Earth’ (Hershey PA) Friday evening to experience for themselves the fun & frights that Dark Nights has to offer this spooky season!

Back for their 2nd season of operation in 2023, Hershey Park has served up a frighteningly spooky haunted attraction experience. Dark Nights offers FIVE solid attractions complete with high quality sets, impressive high intensity actors and spine-chilling scares! Along side the 5 haunted attractions, Dark Nights also offers 3 separate scare zones (Fallout Zone, Midway of Misery & Darkstone’s Hollow). We can’t forget to mention the terrifyingly delicious food options! Who wouldn’t want to eat a scrumptious cake that looks like a bloody brain?

The attractions although only in their 2nd year are both effectively detailed and terrifying, offering up many varieties of scares! Be prepared to be spooked and surprised by well timed jump scares, as actors come flying at you from all directions. The attractions although set in a family friendly park by day offer a large dose of frightening blood and gore by night. The design team certainly has a passion for crafting up visually appealing yet gruesome scenes.

Dark Nights newest attraction this year, Auntie Mortem’s Abattoir, was the FRS teams favorite attraction of the evening and by far the most intense! Auntie Mortem and her sinister nieces and nephews will leave you trembling in fear, hoping that you don’t become their next trophy! Be forewarned as the blood-thirsty pig headed men will relentlessly chase you.

Another highlight of the night was a returning and favorite attraction from 2022, “Twisted Carnival”. Themed in a terrifying evil carnival setting complete with terrifying clowns, side show acts and high flying actors! Twisted Carnival features visually impressive scenes that will truly have you feeling immersed into a twisted world of crazed carnival carnies! You may not make it out unscathed.

The FRS team certainly recommends a visit to Hershey Park Dark Nights if you’re searching for a full evening of SPOOKY FUN! Full descriptions of the attraction offerings can be found below! Happy Hauntings FRS fans & followers!

Attraction Name: Twisted Carnival

- The darkness of the tent was truly a never-ending carnevil of nightmares. The nightmare continues with venomous twists and turns that will hypnotize some and paralyze others.

Attraction Name: Auntie Mortem’s Abattoir

- Ethel Mortem, known as Auntie to the community, is a second generation meat processor running the family business with the help of her sinister nieces and nephews. Trucks keep coming to feed the machine but the bones tell a more sinister story. Farm to table has never been more gruesome when Auntie is planning the menu.

Attraction Name: The Descent: Catacombs of Decay

- The tunnels she once prowled are now hers to dwell in forever. Venture into the catacombs of decay to reveal what secrets remain buried in her past, present, and future. But, be careful that you don't become part of her collection.

Attraction Name: Haunted Coal Mine: Curse of the Tommyknockers

- It's not only the past miners that haunt these shafts but the evil Tommyknockers who must protect their gold by any means necessary.. You escaped their mines once before, but will you be so lucky this time.

Attraction Name: Creatures Uncaged

- Professor Darkstone’s prized possessions now run the show. Retrace your steps through their lair but beware, more creatures are lurking in the shadows and they are hungry for a new audience.

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