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Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill - 2023

👀😱 Our Visit To Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill 🎃🖤

Date: Friday 9/29/2023

Location: Spring Grove, PA

Kim's Krypt Haunted Attraction has tagged themselves as “The Haunt That Actually Scares You”, and with them celebrating their “30 Years of Fear” this season, of course Fright Review Squad was not going to miss a chance to visit our Krazy friends at Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill. Kim's Krypt has been a staple in our annual Haunt Tour for many years now due to their consistency in providing a spooky fun experience. Not to mention the Merry Scary Kim’s Kryptmas & Halfway to Halloween events that fill our void for spine-tingling scares all year long!

Kim’s Krypt features 5 attractions of sheer terror: Dark Despair, The House of Eyes, Terror Trail, The Haunted Mill and the Horror of Menges Mill. Also, newly revamped over the past 2 seasons is the expanded midway that features refreshments, 5 minute zombie escape room, expansive gift shop, & more. The highlight of the midway has to be Maggot’s Fortress, a junkyard style playhouse that any adult would be jealous of. You can usually find both “Maggot” and “Otis” here when they are not out and about terrorizing visitors. Maggot’s Fortress certainly makes for a pretty epic photo opportunity!

Speaking of photo-ops, there are several on the property that you will want to take advantage of but beware, the roaming spooks love to photo bomb. A group favorite when it comes to photo-ops is the gigantic & ominous animatronic dragon located in front of the Horror of Menges Mill. Massive & intimidating is truly an understatement!

One of the many reasons we keep returning to Kim’s Krypt each year is to appreciate the extensive changes and enhancements the build team makes year in and year out. Over the past few seasons we’ve seen complete overhauls to all of the attractions at Kim’s Krypt! Attractions like The House of Eyes, The Haunted Mill, & Horror of Menges Mill are nearly unrecognizable now compared to just a few seasons ago! It takes a passionate & committed crew to pull off extensive changes like completely revamping an attraction! This past offseason the Kim’s Krypt team put a lot of elbow grease into the Terror Trail, creating a new queue line system and revamping at least a handful of scenes! The Horror of Menges Mill attraction has been unanimously our squads favorite attraction here the past few seasons, but the Terror Trail is certainly giving The Horror of Menges Mill a run for the #1 spot!

While we don’t want to give too much away, we’ll give you a brief teaser of each attraction:

- Dark Despair - Complete darkness & eerie audio effects make for an unnerving journey. You’ll be completely disorientated as you try to navigate the snake-like pathways in absolute darkness. Can your nerves handle the suspense of Dark Despair?

- Terror Trail - Clowns, hillbillies, sinister asylum patients, chainsaw wielding maniacs, horror film favorites, & much more will be encountered on this 20 minute journey through the dark woods! Don’t be fooled by the quietness of the woods, as all sorts of relentless creatures lurk within the darkness!

- House of Eyes - Traverse swiftly as all eyes are on you. You can’t help but feel you’re being watched around each and every corner. Disorienting lighting, moving floors & cleverly hidden spooks make for a hair-raising journey! You’ll almost feel like a part of the show as The House of Eyes comes alive around you!

- The Haunted Mill - Four floors of FEAR & fretting that you’ll never escape! Mad scientists, cave dwellers, crazed asylum patients, clowns, you name it and you’ll likely encounter it in this monstrosity of an attraction! Just when you thought you’ve escaped, your journey continues with an unexpected outdoor section! We’re always jaw-dropped when we encounter the massive Angel of Death & the other impressive animatronics! Truly something for everyone in The Haunted Mill.

- Horror of Menges Mill - Coffins, swamp creatures, dragons oh my! Tread lightly as the inhabitants in this Mill are relentless in their attack. Scares seemingly came from every which direction leaving us no sense of comfort during this exhilarating adventure! Your worst fears and nightmares certainly come to life in this Mill of Horrors! The aesthetically pleasing, bone-chilling & intimidating Dragon’s Den may be one of the best endings to an attraction we’ve ever encountered!

We feel the need to recognize a few stand-out performers during our Kim’s Krypt adventure! First up would be the manic girl in the Haunted Mill painting pictures of her family on the walls and asking for us to put in a good word with the doctors to get her released. The Terror Trail possessed quite a few stand-out performers including Granny, Big Bertha, the Asylum Patients! Granny was a great comedic break in the spookiness. Big Bertha in the Junkyard played verbal volleyball with our group and did so while not breaking character, which truly deserves some recognition. The crazed & truly sinister asylum patients downright horrified us as they wanted to do all sorts of elaborate but unethical procedures on us! Of course we cannot leave out our veterans, Trixie, Maggot, Otis, & of course Krazy Kim!

We’d be neglectful if we didn’t mention the Kraziness that ensues on “Anything Goes Night”, which was hosted on Sunday 9/24 this year! The benefit of this unhinged night is all tourists can choose whether they are courageous enough to endure the utter mayhem or not! One of our fearless members, Christy, has been intrigued by the madness of Anything Goes Night & boy was she elated when she had the opportunity to experience the sinister shenanigans firsthand. Christy was marked with a glow necklace to signify that she is valiant & fair game to the crazed creatures lurking on the property!

Be forewarned that when they say “Anything Goes”, they absolutely mean it! Christy has personally gone through blood experiences (shout-out to Halls of Horror) & extreme haunts where they touch you and remove you from your group (shout-out to Bane Haunted House & Haunted Hoochie). But this Anything Goes Night experience was on another level. And for some odd reason, Christy loved every minute of it! Some of the “highlights” from Christy’s adventure Included a unfavorable dental cleaning, some moderate whipping, doused in fake blood again & again, covered in maggots (rice), abducted & secluded from her group, hand cuffs, blindfolded and much more. The actors were certainly relentless in their assault, providing highly enthusiastic, jarring & menacing encounters!

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill is open weekends now through Halloween, stop by & get a scare, take an exhilarating hearse/coffin ride and enjoy a spooky fun night out! Huge thanks to Kim Yates and her dedicated crew. It is always nice to spend an evening with you! Happy Hauntings!

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