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Pennhurst Asylum - 2023

🖤👻 Our Visit To Pennhurst Asylum 👻🖤

Date: Saturday 9/30/2023

Location: Spring City, PA

Pennhurst Asylum is not for the faint of heart! This high intensity haunted attraction located in Spring City, PA is a location that needs little introduction. Known to many as one of the most haunted locations in the country, Pennhurst Asylum brings your worst nightmares to life each fall. The spooky-vibes of the property alone are enough to send shivers down your spine! Throw in world-class special effects, movie-quality set design, & sinister scare actors and you undoubtedly have yourself a nightmarish experience!

Pennhurst Asylum features THREE first-class attractions - Pennhurst Asylum, The Morgue, & Pennhurst Tunnels. The three attractions will be experienced in a consecutive fashion, making for a longer initial wait but ultimately helping to minimize wait times in between attractions, keeping your adrenaline rush flowing once your adventure has commenced. Not only do VIP ticket holders get to bypass the lengthy lines, but they also get to experience a special 4th attraction, The Catacombs!

Should you choose to purchase VIP tickets as our squad did, you will begin your journey through the eerie underground tunnels. You’ll be quickly immersed into cave-like catacombs! Darkness, bone-chilling audio effects & thick fog was used to set a suspenseful atmosphere. Stealthy creatures lurked in the shadows & pounced on us to deliver several startles throughout our nerve-wracking adventure.

For general admission ticket holders, The Pennhurst Asylum attraction kicks the festivities off on a screamtastic note! You’ll feel fully immersed into a dark & demented asylum! The scenes are elegantly detailed & life-like, the spooks are relentless in their attacks, & the scares are hair-raising! The deranged doctors have crafted up experiments that are larger than life & will undoubtedly leave you trembling in fear! Be swift during your journey through the Pennhurst Asylum, otherwise you’ll be the next crazed patient admitted to this deranged asylum!

The Morgue gives you the experience of a lifetime, as you feel as though you’re a deceased patient rolling throughout a decrepit morgue! You’ll be overcome by the gruesome smell of decomposing corpses that’ll have your stomach running for the exit! Alarming special effects are used throughout to truly assault all of your senses, leaving you in an absolute sensory overload. Don’t stick around The Morgue for too long, or you may very well be the next unsuspecting victim tossed into the deep freezer or incinerator.

The Tunnels beneath the Pennhurst property are downright EERIE, making for an unnerving and nauseating journey! Mutant creatures of all sorts are lurking in the darkness awaiting their next victims. This is one mind-rattling adventure that you won’t forget! Without a doubt you’ll be exposed to high-startle scares that’ll send you running for the exit.

Your experience at Pennhurst Asylum concludes in their all new midway area which features several food trucks, ample seating area, healthily stocked merchandise truck, carnival games, and an elegantly creepy pumpkin patch walk-through! This mini outdoor trail through a dark patch of wooded area is donned heavily with all sorts of animatronic pumpkin creatures & Jack-O-Lanterns! There’s numerous photo worthy areas to snap a commemorative group picture, so be sure to peruse through the pumpkin patch!

So, do you think you have what it takes to survive one of Pennsylvania’s premier haunted attractions? Pennhurst Asylum isn’t for the faint of heart, as they’ll surely appease even the most extreme & experienced haunt goers! We truly can’t say enough about both the set design & scare acting team at Pennhurst Asylum! The set designs are incredibly life-like, making for an immersive & jaw-dropping experience. We can’t help but appreciate how innovative and talented the Pennhurst Asylum build team is! Let’s not forget to rave about the scare acting team at Pennhurst Asylum! These folks are borderline manic, as they are fully immersed into their sinister roles, further enhancing the experience throughout each attraction! You won’t find scare actors much more talented than the team at Pennhurst Asylum!

If you’re within a few hours of Pennhurst Asylum and looking for a SPOOKY FUN experience then we surely recommend you pay a visit to Pennhurst Asylum. You won’t be disappointed! Just make sure to leave behind the spooky spirits of the Pennhurst Asylum at the end of your frightening adventure!

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