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Reaper’s Revenge - 2023

🚨👻 Our Visit To Reaper's Revenge 👻🚨

Date: 10/13/2023

Location: Scranton, PA

Back for their 15th year of providing FEAR, Reaper’s Revenge continues to provide by far one of the most innovative, visually mesmerizing, and downright spine-chilling haunted attraction experiences we’ve ever encountered. You won’t get a better mixture of thrills and chills anywhere else, as Reaper’s Revenge has mastered the craft of providing an equally entertaining yet blood-curdling experience. Do you have what it takes to survive the Reaper?

Boasting five world-class attractions, you should expect to receive at least 90-100 minutes of true in-attraction experience when visiting Reaper’s Revenge. You’ll have the pleasure of experiencing the Haunted Hayride, Lost Carnival, Delirium, Pitch Black, and Sector 13! The Reaper’s Team released some exciting news earlier this season, revealing they’re adding a 6th attraction for the 2024 season! The newest attraction will be a massive haunted mansion-esque attraction that we’re sure will be nothing short of excellent!

Our crew opted to attend on Friday the 13th, what better way to celebrate the spooky holiday than with a visit to Reaper’s Revenge. We certainly weren’t the only spooky lovers with this same thought in mind. In all the years we’ve been visiting Reaper’s Revenge, we’ve never seen them so incredibly busy! We had a lengthy initial wait just to get into the main parking lot (nearly 2 & 1/2 hours) but we knew the wait was worth it, as the Reaper’s Revenge experience is second to none!

As you arrive at the main parking lot for Reaper’s Revenge you’ll be greeted by a parking lot attendant who will collect your $3 parking fee. As you exit your vehicle you’re immediately immersed into the spooky atmosphere as you can hear the audio effects from Sector 13 & the opening hayride scene echoing in the background! As you proceed forth you’ll first pass through the security checkpoint. It is then when you’ll traverse up the dark pathway towards the ticket booth. After snagging your tickets you’ll be directed towards the midway area, which features a massive bonfire, several food vendors, multiple photo-op booths, games, merchandise shop, and ample seating! Back for 2023 is an incredible projection-mapped audio & visual show outlining their massive stage. Kick back & enjoy the warm bonfire while you take in the projection show. Once you’ve mustered up the courage for the experience that lies ahead, proceed forth to the queue line!

At Reaper’s Revenge you’ll experience the five attractions in a linear fashion, meaning back-to-back with minimal to no wait in between attractions. With this setup you’ll likely have a longer initial wait, but once aboard the hay wagon you’re on the hook for 90+ minutes of continuous exhilarating entertainment and sheer terror! Each attraction flows seamlessly into the next, leaving nearly no time to control your adrenaline rush or catch your breath! Initially you’ll board the hay wagon to experience the Haunted Hayride, then you’ll proceed forth through the Lost Carnival, Delirium, Pitch Black, and ultimately wrapping up with Sector 13.

Haunted Hayride - As you board the hay wagon a ghostly host will prepare you for the experience that lies ahead. Shortly thereafter you’ll set forth into the dark & eerie woods. As you round the corner you’ll approach the opening scene, which effectively sets the tone for the rest of the evening's experience! The wagon comes to a halt, the scene fills with fog, booming audio effects swirl through the surrounding area, and a demonic creature possessing a dangling bloodied corpse towers over the wagon. As nerves settle in perfectly timed blasts of fire go soaring into the sky, delivering a quick startle! From that point forward be prepared for an aesthetically pleasing and spine-chilling experience. You’ll be continually stunned as scene after scene is elegantly crafted with extreme attention to detail. You’ll experience a wide array of scenes like: Pumpkin Hill which features massive glowing pumpkins & pumpkin creatures, a zombie graveyard with an entertaining twist, a ominous castle-esque scene with man-eating dragons & a formidable soul-seeker, a light show spectacular & eye candy galore in Alice in Wonderland, a slaughter barn with chainsaw wielding rednecks & a creepy puppeteer, security shack with all sorts of tricks & surprises, and so much more! Some of our favorite cast encounters include the folks within Alice in Wonderland, Freddy Krueger, Officer Brandon, and the Hillbilly Rednecks in the Slaughter Barn! Sadly no exhilarating & spine-chilling finale scene this year, but even without it you won’t find a haunted hayride with better production quality than the one here at Reaper’s Revenge! There’s truly no shortage of entertainment or spine-tingling startles on this Haunted Hayride adventure, so hold on tight for what’s sure to be an exhilarating journey!

Lost Carnival - As we exited the hay wagon we made our way to the Lost Carnival. The Lost Carnival is exactly as it sounds, a carnival lost in the middle of the woods. We’ve never encountered a haunt that truly makes you feel immersed into a demented carnival, yet alone doing so in the middle of the woods! Elegantly crafted scenes with extreme attention to detail were encountered throughout. You’ll encounter all aspects of a carnival from the games to carnival rides to food stands to the clown funhouse and much more! We loved the new & improved clown funhouse facade!! Leave it to Reaper’s Revenge to somehow have two operating carnival rides in the middle of the woods - a creepy carousel and equally creepy ferris wheel; how amazing! The Lost Carnival effectively attacks all your senses as they utilize uneven walking surfaces, disorienting lighting, a mixture of delicious and disgusting smells, and much more to heighten the scare factor! Several standout characters were encountered along our journey, possessing stellar improv skills! We went from laughing in one scene to running out of the next scene; they definitely kept us on our toes! Special shout-out to the Grammy in the “Tunnel” for handing out those “special” kisses everyone loves from grandma! The Lost Carnival continues to rank #1 when it comes to our favorite circus/carnival themed attractions!

Delirium - Ready or not, you’ll be tossed into a world of multiple dimensions where blood-curdling surprises lurk around each and every corner! Prior to entering Delirium guests will snag their 3D glasses and then try to mentally prepare for the hallucinating experience that you’re about to endure. Were always amazed by the detailed 3D paintings sumptuously plastered throughout the attraction. 3D painting effects on the floor coupled with loads of props dangling from the ceiling really added a trippy layer of disorientation! Drop panels were sneakily disguised allowing scare actors the opportunity to catch us off guard, delivering several spine-tingling startles! Delirium was cleverly designed to allow the scare actors the opportunity to spook patrons from multiple different locations. Many of the spooks utilized noise makers and other props to enhance the startle! This year the spooks weren’t predictable with their scare location, as they were roaming about the hallways, appearing practically out of thin air to deliver scares. They were truly relentless in their pursuit of delivering spine-tingling startles! Just when we thought we finally had our bearings, we had to stroll through a 3D vortex tunnel, which quickly disoriented our squad leaving us as easy targets for one final blood-curdling scare! Delirium once again upped their game & put forth their best delirious experience yet, delivering a visually stunning yet spine-chilling experience!

Pitch Black - Next up we ventured to Pitch Black, historically one of the scariest attractions we’ve ever encountered! We’ve experienced “black out” themed attractions many times before at other haunts but none can generally compete with the insanity that Pitch Black offers. The dark & ominous facade certainly helps to set an intimidating vibe, causing patrons to question if they have what it takes to survive the darkness of Pitch Black. It pained us to say it, but the experience in Pitch Black last season (2022) was a bit of a downgrade compared to prior experiences. Fortunately we were in for a special treat this season, as Pitch Black has regained formed & delivered the irritating, high-intensity & bone-throbbing experience we’ve come to love & expect out of Pitch Black! Right off the bat the brave souls who enter Pitch Black will take notice to the revamped intro scene, which features a decrepit doctor’s office waiting room vibe! After a quick jolting startle scare, you’re sent forth into the darkness! Even the bravest of souls will likely exit this attraction short of breath and shaken up. Safety in numbers doesn’t exist on this nerve-racking adventure, as you’ll inevitably get separated from your group in this unrelenting maze of darkness! Our sense of sight, sound, and touch were repeatedly attacked. As you’re venturing down the dark passageways you’ll feel things touching your face, legs, sides, shoulders, etc. No one is safe from being startled in Pitch Black! Be forewarned that you may get a little wet on your journey as well. Nothing more disgusting than touching a wet object in absolute darkness! While we exited a bit discombobulated & frightened, we were pleased to see Pitch Black having returned to its unnerving & menacing form!

Sector 13 - To finish out the evening we headed for Sector 13, the 5th and final attraction at Reaper’s Revenge. Sector 13 is the final bridge to the “normal” Western US after a massive bio-nuclear attack created cannibalistic mutants of all varieties! Sector 13 has historically been known as one heck of an intimidating & hands on attraction. The external facade is easily 3 stories high & certainly doesn’t fail at creating an ominous atmosphere. While waiting in the queue line you’ll begin to question what you’re about to endure as you hear all sorts of mayhem & ruckus coming from the other side of the monstrous facade! We were delighted to see that Sector 13 got a near complete revamp, with roughly 75% of the attraction being completely unrecognizable! As we’ve come to expect from the talented Reaper’s crew, the set design was flawlessly crafted with a creepy life-like realism to it! However, we were a bit saddened as we felt the experience was much less hands-on & intense than in years past. We hadn’t encountered any seclusion & personalized engagements, which we chalked up to the massive crowd on-hand the night we attended. We were craving high-intensity, intimidating, relentless & energized engagements from the Sector 13 cast & we felt they fell a bit flat the evening we attended. We’re sure the massive crowd on-hand & the late hour of our experience likely played part into the lower-energy experience in Sector 13. We’re certain they can regain form & know they’ll redeem themselves in 2024!

Reaper’s Revenge is always innovating and always finds a way to surprise our squad, providing an entertaining and nightmarish experience that you’ll never forget! Reaper’s Revenge really went to work during the off-season, adding notable changes & updates to several of the attractions, most notably in Sector 13! Not to mention the incredible headway they’ve made on their 6th attraction that’ll debut in 2024! Reaper’s Revenge boasts top of the line sound equipment utilized throughout all of their attractions, which helps elevate the experience and immerse guests into a whole new horrifying dimension! We also can’t forget to compliment their first-class set design, elegant usage of pyrotechnics, and shocking special effects. Not to mention their cast and crew who provide a truly top-notch experience! The spooks also possess Hollywood level costuming & make-up that seems to continually improve year after year.

Thank you Reaper’s Revenge for continually providing a TOP NOTCH and truly WORLD CLASS haunted attraction experience! If you’ve yet to visit Reaper’s Revenge we strongly urge you to pay them a visit. We have no doubt that you’ll be exSCREAMly satisfied with your experience! Be warned that Reaper’s Revenge is not for the faint of heart and always remember to FEAR THE REAPER!

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