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Wells Township Haunted House - 2023

🖤😈 Our Visit To Wells Township Haunted House 🎃👻

Date: Saturday 9/23/2023

Location: Brilliant, Ohio

On a dreary September evening a small group of FRS members were in the Pittsburgh area for an event earlier in the day. With so many options within 45 minutes of Pittsburgh, we decided it would be the perfect time to visit a couple haunted attractions that would normally be a 4+ hour drive for our squad. Unfortunately, the far-reaching effects of Hurricane Ophelia limited our options to indoor-mostly locations for this dreary & damp Saturday evening. Our research found us a community haunt in Brilliant, Ohio. Our group is always excited to experience “new to us” locations so off we went to Wells Township Haunted House.

We rolled into Wells Township Haunted House around 10pm. After parking we heard chainsaws and screams in the distance, which is always a good sign. Not to mention the lively band playing that added an additional jolt of energy into the atmosphere.

The midway area features a stage for live bands, a gift shop, a concession stand, fires for keeping warm, photo-ops and plenty of room to run when the ghouls come chasing after you!

We met with Sean, a Wells Township Police Officer who runs the haunt, and he gave us a run down on their operation. Wells Township Haunted House is celebrating their roughly 20th year, which is quite an accomplishment, especially considering their entire cast & crew is all volunteer based. Their sole purpose is to give back to the community and their continued growth has allowed them many opportunities to do so.

Wells Township Haunted House is not your typical haunted attraction . The style and flow of their show is very unique and honestly quite a refreshing change from the conga lines you’ll encounter at many bigger haunts this time of year. We were warned prior to entering to stow away our valuables and prepare for an interactive experience. It was clear this place was vastly different from most when we entered the first room and were asked to sit, yes sit!

Your tour through Wells Township Haunted House is completely guided and each room we entered had a new and exciting theme. Special shout-out to our spooktastic tour guide, Kaiden, who played the role of an unethical nurse! Interactive does not just describe the actors here, the building is interactive too! We lost our balance a few times as floors, chairs and walls moved in numerous places throughout our journey. The slide was something we have only ever seen incorporated into a haunt maybe once or twice and we were pleasantly surprised by this twist. Beware though, this slide is WAY faster than it looks!

Each room was its very own scene and the flow of the haunt allows you to stop in each to fully experience the story. I do not dare give too many details because the only way to experience this haunt is to witness it first hand for yourself. Some of our members favorite rooms included the Crying Girls, Autopsy, Donkey Kong, Circus, & Decrepit Elevator.

Once we found our way out, we rejoined Sean to discuss our experience and get more info on specific scares. Sean explained that each volunteer is involved in every aspect of the haunt from crafting up ideas, to building, to working it nightly and deciding which charities to give to each year. Every room throughout Wells Township Haunted House was an idea proposed by a volunteer that was later brought to life. All of the scenes possessed mostly handcrafted props & decor! This is truly an old school haunt with a twist.

We highly recommend Wells Township Haunted House for anyone in the Pittsburgh area during haunt season. Do not let their size or price point discourage you. The walk through is a solid 20-25 minutes long and for only $16 per person, it is well worth it! Sean explained that Wells Township Haunted House wants to keep prices low so families can afford a SPOOKY FUN night out. With all the proceeds going to charity, we can think of no better way to spend a cool fall evening.

FRS wants to thank Sean and his dedicated crew for their hospitality. We sincerely hope to make it out again sometime soon!

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