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Woods of Terror - 2022 Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Woods of Terror

Location of Attraction: Greensboro North Carolina

Date of Review: 10/8/2022

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 10/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 10/10

Atmosphere Rating: 10/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 10/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 10/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 10/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 9/10

Overall Feedback: Located just north of Greensboro, North Carolina is a monstrosity of a haunted attraction that’s sure to provide a frightfully fun experience! Woods of Terror is a premier halloween destination not for the faint of heart! Known for their world-class haunted experiences, impressive monster midway, & infamous monster parade/release, Woods of Terror provides no shortage of spooky entertainment! Woods of Terror is a true treasure in the haunt industry as their top-rated experience is highlighted by their top-of-the-line & immersive scenes, relentless & menacing characters, & blood-curdling scares! If you think you’ve seen it all then you’ll be in for a special treat with a visit to Woods of Terror.

Woods of Terror is housed on the McLaurin Farms property, where they operate various daytime activities throughout the fall (pumpkin patch), along with a farm market, Christmas festival, and much more. The property itself is located not too far from the beaten path, yet perfectly situated in the dark woods of Greensboro. We arrived onsite at Woods of Terror shortly before 7pm and a large crowd of fellow haunt enthusiasts were already on hand. This was already their 4th weekend of operation, so these folks were operating like a well oiled machine. Guests will be funneled through queue lines that lead up to a security checkpoint & then the ticket booth. As time crawled closer to 7:30pm they began allowing folks through security & onward to the ticket booth.

General admission tickets vary greatly in price depending on when you’re attending, ranging from $30-$45. General admission holders will scan a QR code when first entering the midway which will grant them a queue number. When your number is called you’ll be granted access into the main queue area. This entry style allows guests to enjoy the midway offerings while waiting instead of standing in line. Fast Pass admission ranges from $45-$60 and grants you more immediate access to the haunt. All Access admission ranges from $60-$75 and provides you immediate access to the haunt + a few other perks (Axe Throwing, Hellevator ride, NEW BrookHaven Memorial Hospital attraction, & more). If you’ve yet to pay Woods of Terror a visit then you’re in luck, as they still have quite a few nights left on their schedule for the 2022 season.

Woods of Terror boasts a massive monster midway that is truly an attraction all on its own! Numerous photo-ops are available for group pictures to commemorate your experience. Several merchandise stands are well stocked with all sorts of Woods of Terror goodies. Typical haunt food offerings are available to satisfy your hankerings. Several fire pits are available if you wish to kickback & relax. Take a ride on the Hellevator but hold on tight as you’re certain to be jostled around & then some. Partake in an exhilarating game of axe-throwing, certain to get your blood pumping. The DJ did a marvelous job engaging the crowd and at several points had a mosh-pit of folks partying on the dance floor. Something truly unique is how involved the owner, Eddie (AKA Bone Daddy), is in the nightly entertainment at Woods of Terror. The notorious Bone Daddy & his accomplice Spawn The Snake (albino python) are the headlines of the Woods of Terror band, that plays full on mini-concerts throughout the night. Woods of Terror truly offers a midway experience like no other!

To top off the midway experience, be sure to arrive early so you don’t miss out on the legendary monster parade/release. Nightly at Woods of Terror they commence their show with a releasing of the monsters. The spooky casket car will lead the parade of spooks right smack dab into the middle of the midway. At this point the attention turns to Bone Daddy on the main stage who kicks things off with his rendition of the National Anthem. From there, Bone Daddy gets his spooks amped up with the Woods of Terror theme song & then a exhilarating chant. At that point Bone Daddy encourages each of his spooks to select a victim & the monsters are released into the audience causing all sorts of chaos & mayhem. Eventually the spooks continue forth on their parade & venture for their homes in the Woods of Terror.

Woods of Terror boasts a 45+ minute, mind-blowing, & nerve-racking adventure that is truly masterful at providing non-stop entertainment! The scenic design here is truly second to none, featuring larger than life scenes & world-class special effects to make for an incredibly immersive experience. The scenes were truly something straight out of a Hollywood movie, incredibly detailed & visually stunning! We were left absolutely speechless by this visually breathtaking journey. Not to mention the cast was fully immersed into their roles, possessing no shortage of energy & passion. These characters were extremely interactive as they engaged with patrons & were relentless in their pursuit of frightening & entertaining. Costuming & make-up to no surprise was of Hollywood level, unbelievably life-like which further immersed us into the show. A well deserved unanimous 10/10 was awarded to the entire scream team at Woods of Terror (scare actors, set builders & creative minds, costuming/makeup, etc).

The Woods of Terror experience includes 13 different themed areas along your journey & we’ve highlighted our experience & thoughts on each below:

  1. Arachnophobia - Boy did we have the heebie jeebies in Arachnophobia! Snakes, spiders, roaches, man-eating plants, OH MY! Our skin felt like it was crawling as we traversed through this bug infested shack littered with cobwebs, creepy audio effects, cleverly hidden spooks, & all sorts of creepy-crawly surprises! We feel itchy just thinking about our experience in Arachnophobia.

  2. Night Stalkers - Jack-O-Lanterns & pumpkin creatures galore were encountered on our Night Stalkers journey. Snake-like paths weaved in & out of buses as scarecrow-esque creatures lurked in the shadows waiting to pounce on us.

  3. Industrial Nightmare - Exactly how it sounds, Industrial Nightmare immerses you into a Industrial-esque world with heavy metal music blaring overhead. Avoid coming into contact with the toxic waste. Cleverly hidden spooks provided quite a few spine-tingling startles during this Industrial Nightmare.

  4. Chaos 3D - Put on your 3D glasses and watch the chaos come to life! Chaos 3D provided easily the most visually impressive & disorienting 3D experience we’ve ever encountered. Visually stunning artwork made for an aesthetically pleasing adventure. Startling special effects & quick-witted clowns made for a horrifyingly fun adventure. Test your luck at the maze of doors, choose incorrectly & you might be trapped forever. As we stumbled through the vortex tunnel we were dumped onto a rotating platform where a live clown-DJ was hosting a rather exhilarating rave party!

  5. The Blood House - The ominous Blood House facade sets an intimidating ambiance that had us trembling in trepidation. The Blood House is infested with blood-thirsty vampires, anxiously awaiting generous blood donors. Move swiftly through the Blood House before you become anemic or turn into a trophy on their walls littered with taxidermy.

  6. The Awakening - The creepy graveyard possesses a rather unnerving atmosphere. A maze-like pathway is built out of an abundance of coffins, some of which encased anything but dead creatures inside. Relentless zombies roamed the skeleton infested grounds, nearly taking a bite out of us as we traversed through.

  7. Horror Movie Classics - You’ve arrived at the Hollywood Cinema Grande, hopefully you’re not late for your show. Make sure to bring your own refreshments, as this snack stand was serving up gut-wrenching creations. We were fully immersed into three different infamous horror films… Halloween, Friday The 13th, & Nightmare on Elm Street. Each scene was larger than life & horrifyingly immersive. If you’ve ever wanted a lead role in a horror film, here’s your chance! Be forewarned, Michael, Jason, & Freddy are on a rampage & mission of mass destruction! Welcome to their Nightmares!

  8. Blackbeard’s Revenge - Arrggghhhh! Ahoy Mateys! You’ve stumbled upon Blackbeard’s ship & all his loot. Don’t let his pirates catch you with sticky fingers or they’ll make you walk the plank! We were absolutely gobsmacked by this monstrosity of a scene. Traversing through Blackbeard’s ship had us feeling lost at sea, as the ship haphazardly rocked & swayed with the rough ocean waters. These pirates were incredibly interactive & engaging, providing several memorable encounters! We ascended up into the voodoo-esque treehouse where more sinister surprises awaited.

  9. Miner’s Massacre - Dare descend into the abandoned mine where unruly inhabitants still lurk in the darkness. This is no leisurely stroll, be prepared to scurry through or you’ll be the next victim of the massacre. Incredibly immersive special effects were used to create a frighteningly life-like journey.

  10. The Slaughter House - Everything is bigger in Texas, which is an understatement when it comes to the Texas House. You’ve been dumped into your worst nightmare, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Snake through the junkyard out front of the Texas House & then scurry your way through this unforsaken house! This bizarre backwoods family is indescribably strange & shows no mercy. The chainsaw wielding maniac himself, Leatherface, made an alarming entrance as he nearly hacked off our limbs.

  11. The Purge Anarchy - Courtesy of the new founding fathers of America, the commencement of the annual Purge has been announced! These deranged characters were absolutely ruthless as they exercised their right to PURGE!

  12. BrookHaven Memorial Hospital - The BrookHaven Memorial Hospital facade was elegantly eerie & sets a nerve-racking ambiance. Crazed patients roamed the halls providing no shortage of startling entertainment. One manic fellow eerily banged his head on a wall of pill vials as we sneaked past. Raunchy smells, realistic props, along with impressive audio & visual effects made for a terrifyingly realistic experience.

  13. Blackout Terror - Your senses are tested to the max, as you traverse through total darkness. Intense audio effects drive you stir crazy & provide further disorientation. Static electricity provided a shockingly hair-raising startle! Test your fate in the darkness!

WOW! The Woods of Terror experience is truly indescribable & absolutely BLEW US AWAY!!! Woods of Terror has easily slid into our squads top three all-time favorite haunted attractions & may very well take over the coveted #1 spot! Woods of Terror legitimately offers a world-class experience certain to entertain & terrorize spooky lovers! We had the pleasure of chatting with Bone Daddy (owner Eddie) for a bit prior to heading out for the evening. It was incredible to hear the backstory behind the haunt & how Woods of Terror has blossomed into such a monstrosity of a Halloween event! Thank you Eddie & the Woods of Terror team for providing such an innovative & immersive haunt experience like no other. Woods of Terror is a MUST-SEE Haunted Attraction & we know for certain you won’t be disappointed! We cannot wait to visit Woods of Terror again, it’s just that amazing, a unanimous 10 out of 10!! Happy Hauntings!

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