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Shocktoberfest 2016 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Shocktoberfest

Location of Attraction: Sinking Springs PA

Date of Review: 9/17/2016

Total Number of Attractions Available: 7 Attractions plus a paintball hayride addition to their zombie safari hayride

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Entertainment and Food Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Makeup and Costume Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Props Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Overall Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Overall Feedback: Shocktoberfest is a truly unique attraction that features “Zombie World Scream Park” where you can encounter and view different kinds of zombies in a safe viewing environment. Shocktoberfest is one of the most unique haunted attractions that you MUST experience!! Shocktoberfest is truly a theme park for haunt enthusiasts. Our group spent 4.5 hours at Shocktoberfest and that was without taking part in the Zombie Experience and the Escape Room. The amount of time you spend in each of the attractions was definitely a highlight of the night. We began our night with the Zombie Night Run, which definitely got our blood pumping. The mile long course was intimidating and the zombies were just insane. New for the 2016 haunt season Shocktoberfest now offers Zombie Laser Tag! This attraction was truly AWESOME! They divide you into two teams and the ultimate goal, depending on which team you are on, is to try to either open the gate and let the zombies out into world or keep the gate closed and make sure the zombies didn’t escape Zombie World. On top of that, you are shooting the opposite team and being swarmed by live zombies! Our group did not take part in the Zombie Experience attraction but this attraction allows you as the customer to be a zombie in the Prison of the Dead! The zombie safari hayride, prison of the dead, and unknown 2.0 were all equally as fun, scary, and amazing as all of the other attractions offered. One of the best parts about Shocktoberfest is they found the right combination of scares and fun! Our group found ourselves laughing at one point and then 30 seconds later jumping out of our skin! From start to end, Shocktoberfest was definitely a scary, unique, consistent, and ultimately a fun haunted attraction!! All of the staff we encountered from start to end were extremely kind and helpful in making our night enjoyable! If you have not made it to Shocktoberfest, our group strongly encourages you to attend! If you have any questions about our review of this haunted attraction please message us!! See below for each individual attraction review!!

Individual Attraction Review:

Attraction Name: Zombie Night Run

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Likes: This attraction is definitely intense and will get the blood flowing through the body! The combination of running and zombies popping out from practically nowhere definitely made this attraction one of most intense attractions of the night! The zombies were vicious and were very realistic! The course for the run was also fun!

Dislikes: There honestly weren’t any dislikes other than our group was out of breath by the end!!

Attraction Name: Ground Assault: Zombie Laser Tag

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 10!!

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 10!!

Likes: The combination of laser tag and the zombie actors made this attraction the group favorite! This version of laser tag is like nothing we’ve ever done before. It was fast paced, everything about the attraction was realistic, and the zombies seemed to come out from nowhere. Our group definitely recommends checking out the Zombie Laser Tag!

Dislikes: The only minor downfall was sometimes our guns did not reload correctly at our teams safe station.

Attraction Name: Zombie Safari Hayride w/Paintball Hayride add on

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 7

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Likes: Each and every scene we encountered on our safari was realistic and very well designed! The props and actors throughout the hayride were amazing! The paintball add on was fun and added a unique touch to their hayride.

Dislikes: The paintball portion could have lasted longer, not a lot of time was given for the amount of paintballs they gave you. Some of the scenes could have had a few more live actors however, overall they still had a decent amount for it being so early on in the haunt season!

Attraction Name: Prison of the Dead

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 9

Likes: Prison of the Dead has to be one of the largest and longest walk through haunted attractions we’ve ever attended. It felt like you were never going to escape! The amount of different unique scenes and props utilized throughout this attraction was truly amazing! Before you even enter the prison they load you onto an inmate transportation vehicle and drive you to the front of the prison as if you are inmates yourself. The inmates we encountered on our journey through the prison were some of the best actors we’ve ever seen, we absolutely loved how much they interacted with you!! The little zombie boy kept popping up everywhere we were!

Dislikes: n/a

Attraction Name: The Unknown 2.0

Overall Attraction Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Attraction Scare Factor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Actor Rating (scale of 1-10): 8

Likes: The Unknown 2.0 definitely is a unique attraction where you honestly do not know what you’re going to encounter around the next corner. There were once again a lot of high quality and unique scenes. We loved how they also incorporated smells into some of the scenes which really made the scene realistic. Some of the animatronics in this attraction were quite amazing!

Dislikes: n/a

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