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Halls of Horror - 2018 Review

  • Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Halls of Horror

  • Location of Attraction: Palmerton PA

  • Date of Review: Saturday October 6th 2018

  • Total Number of Attractions Available: One

  • Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 8.5/10

  • Entertainment and Food Rating: n/a

  • Atmosphere Rating: 8/10

  • Overall Costume and Make Up Rating: 8/10

  • Overall Cast and Crew Rating: 9/10

  • Overall Props, Animatronics and Set Design Rating: 7.5/10

  • Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 9/10

  • Overall Feedback: On a dreary Saturday evening we headed to Halls of Horror (HOH) in Palmerton PA. HOH is about a 2-3 hour drive for most of our members but it is well worth it. We last visited this haunt in 2016 and boy were we blown away by our experience. We can’t forget to mention that this place seemed completely different from our first experience! We truly felt vulnerable and not prepared for the experience we were about to endure. HOH is a single walk through attraction about 15-20 minutes in length. They are nestled in a small town with customer parking available on the street in front of the haunt. There isn’t much for entertainment and food at the haunt itself but several local eateries are within walking distance of HOH! On the evening we attended there was a spooky yet upbeat vibe to the air. The dreary mist falling from the sky definitely gave off an added spooky factor. Prior to entering the haunt all visitors must sign a waiver as HOH is not a suggested family event. HOH is definitely an adult only haunt as they get extremely up close and personal with their guests and utilize strong language including profanity. HOH offers a regular admission and a BLOOD EXPERIENCE admission. Regular admission price is $20 and the blood experience is $35 (includes a commemorative t-shirt). The admission price is fair and definitely worth its value. The blood experience is a more physically extreme version of the haunt. The actors get very up close and personal in both haunt experiences but they are pretty much in your pocket during the blood experience. And of course you come out covered in blood and a few other foods/materials! By choosing the blood experience you pretty much are choosing to smell disgusting, look horrendous and allowing the actors to be more hands on and interactive with you. During our journey through the haunt our members were often cornered and harassed one on one. The actors were spot on and interacted with all guests. There were a few stand out actors who really provided phenomenal skits! The barber and the doctor were two of the best actors that we’ve encountered all season! Another scene/skit that we enjoy is the area with the actors who “crapped their pants”. As you walk into this scene you witness actors pulling out turd like objects from their pants and we’ll let you guess what happens next. Not only will you jump and scream at HOH, you'll also get a few laughs as some of the actors like to verbally abuse the guests which can ultimately be quite comical. The actors also easily picked out your fears and utilized them to better your experience. It's almost hard to describe in words how physical the actors were and trust us when we say they WILL touch you! Costuming and makeup is par with what we’d expect from a haunt of this level/size. Each scene featured a unique and well designed set design. You won’t find a lick of animatronics during your journey; just well crafted set designs and props. HOH did a great job at putting their own twist to many of the “typical” haunt scenes - this was refreshing and quite enjoyable. A big bonus for HOH is that they are a small family owned haunted attraction. They truly care about the guest experience. They send you into the haunt in small groups to help ensure you are fully involved in each scare - no kongo lines through this haunt! Once completing the HOH experience several staff are stationed outside awaiting feedback from each guest. Once completing the experience guests also have their picture taken in one of the several photo booth stations. The photos are then posted to their Facebook page so that guests can then download them free of charge. The overall experience that HOH provides is truly one of a kind. The blood experience is definitely something you don’t find everyday as many haunts do not provide such an extreme and bloody experience! Halls of Horror is definitely worth a trip especially if you can pair it with one of the other local haunted attractions. A combination of Halls of Horror and either Hotel of Horror or Waldorf Estate of Fear would definitely provide a spooky fun evening! HOH once again blew us away and provided a truly phenomenal experience. Put this place on your schedule for this haunt season, you won’t be disappointed!

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