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Madworld Haunted Attractions - 2022 Review

Haunted Attraction Reviewed: Madworld Haunted Attractions

Location of Attraction: Piedmont South Carolina

Date of Review: 10/7/2022

Total Number of Attractions Available: 1

Overall Haunted Attraction Rating: 9.5/10

Entertainment & Food Rating: 10/10

Atmosphere Rating: 10/10

Overall Costume & Makeup Rating: 10/10

Overall Cast & Crew Rating: 9.5/10

Overall Set Design & Special Effects Rating: 9/10

Overall Scare/Thrill Factor Rating: 9/10

Overall Feedback: Madworld Haunted Attractions, one of South Carolina’s premier haunted attractions, blew us away & delivered a world-class experience that already has us itching to return! There’s no questioning why Madworld is highly touted by industry experts, as their immersive set design & menacing characters surely created a frightfully fun experience. Now in our 7th year of formally visiting haunted attractions and having visited nearly 100 different haunts, it’s safe to say that Madworld Haunted Attractions ranks among the best of the best!

We arrived on-site at Madworld Haunted Attractions right before opening & they already had a large crowd on-hand. It’s hard to miss this place as they are a stones throw away from the US-29 highway & a massive billboard with blasts of fire spewing from it signifies you’ve arrived. As we waited for the main gates to open, the gobs of audio from the attraction/midway along with the sight of numerous roaming spooks helped to amp us up for the experience. As soon as the clock struck 7:30pm the gates opened & all hell broke loose. As we entered into the massive midway dozens of roaming spooks were released providing startling engagements & a true sensory overload as we snaked our way through the chaos. There’s truly no “safe zone” as Krampus, Doll Girl, The Pumpkin Gravedigger, and several other unhinged characters did a fright-tastic job providing startling entertainment in the midway, leaving you susceptible to hair-raising scares even outside the attraction.

Madworld Haunted Attractions sure knows how to entertain guests both inside & outside of their attraction! The massive midway is an experience in itself, as there’s tons to see & do! Enjoy a game of 18-hole ghost town mini golf or get your blood pumping with an exhilarating game of axe throwing. Test your luck at one or all of the fun spooky carnival games - Zombie Brain Smash, Skeleball, or Crypt Toss. Immerse yourself further into the haunt experience with some face painting! Snag some scrumptious refreshments & chill by the large bonfire. Grab a few commemorative group photos in one of the several free photo-ops. Don’t forget to peruse the large gift shop with all sorts of Madworld attire, goodies, & trinkets!

There’s still plenty of time to visit Madworld Haunted Attractions this season, as they’re open primarily Friday-Sunday from now through November 5th. Tickets may be purchased online or on-site and don’t let the “steep” appearing price deter you, as this experience is worth every penny! General admission tickets run for $40 with FastPass entry available for an additional $25. They also offer a VIP experience which includes FastPass entry into the haunt, a behind the scenes tour, carnival game tickets, & a 3D group photo!

Madworld provides an action-packed 20 minute experience that’s not for the faint of heart! We were on high alert from start to end, as they truly left not a moment of dead space! Their incredibly immersive sets will have you feeling like you’ve been dumped into a real-life horror movie. We experienced a true sensory overload along our journey, as they attacked all of our senses with intense audio & visual effects along with potent smells & disorienting passageways. We were thoroughly impressed by the elaborate & aesthetically pleasing scenes as they featured clear attention to detail & an eerie ambiance. We have to give major credit to the cast & crew throughout Madworld, as they were incredibly immersed in their roles providing numerous sinister & spine-tingling engagements.

We began our adventure thrashing around a malfunctioning elevator, boy did this start things off on an exhilarating note! A clown funhouse provided a visually disorienting experience & several comical character encounters. A witch village possessed several cackling witches as they prepared to use a sacrifice in their large bubbling cauldron. A decrepit mansion was littered with blood-thirsty vampires, anxiously awaiting to sink their fangs into unsuspecting passersby. A Texas House home to the Sawyer family & Infamous LeatherFace was executed to near perfection, as these uncanny characters were seriously deranged. Ahoy Mateys! Be forewarned as the ghost pirates are cut-throat and will make you walk the plank if they even remotely think you’re trying to steal their treasure. Be swift when trekking across the swamp bridge or you may very well be dumped into the murky waters where a gigantic man-eating creature awaits in the darkness. Don’t show up hungry at Cletus’ Diner, as you’re certain to get a bad case of food poisoning from that hillbilly run & repulsive establishment. Certifiable psychopathic patients in the insane asylum take the cake for providing by far the most horrifyingly realistic engagement, as our lives truly felt threatened in this mind-bending & wayward asylum!

We truly cannot rave enough about our experience at Madworld Haunted Attractions! The plethora of scenes kept us constantly guessing what we’d encounter next, as horrifying surprises lurked around each & every corner. Madworld isn’t just a visually mesmerizing experience, it’s truly an immersive adventure through dark & demented horrors that’ll push you to your limits & leave you trembling in fear. If you’re craving a spooky fun experience then Madworld Haunted Attractions is the place for you. Visit this must see attraction this season before it’s too late! Just remember to bring a change of underwear, as the nightmares you’ll encounter may very well make you wet your pants!

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